Which subliminal aims to subside the regret feeling

WHich subliminal aims to subside the feeling of regret that stems from making errrs in past decisions and your mind goes back to thoghts about things that can’t be changed.

please advise something from the major programs.

thank you

To be specific, an impulsive feeling to take action in order to attempt to reverse irreversible bad decisions.


The solution is: coming off of subliminals for a few days and allowing the reconciliation to subside. :stuck_out_tongue:


How about for a person just starting who might have had crippling guilt and regret?

Perhaps you can wait for Rebirth Ultima?

It was more an if I referred someone. I’ve got rebirth (it was one of the first I bought).

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Regeneration would probably be their best bet, in this situation.

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Who says so?

Limit Destroyer? :wink:

Either part of you knows that what you say above isn’t true and you’re lying to yourself, or you have a problem accepting what is. Which is it?

Also, in which case can you accept the past is what it is and do differently going forward instead?

These questions make me feel like AMASH…

Must be conflicting, regretting switching so many times to new programs only to have to ask for another program to switch to.

Why wait, it’s here. :wink:

Asking for a “friend”? :wink:

Regeneration comes to mind, being an emotional healing subliminal. And after a while something with alpha qualities to take responsibility (that usually deals with guilt).

In the end it is a similar process, one has to release the things that keep them stuck in the past and simply do better going forward. Ebenezer Scrooge didn’t change his past, but he died a good person nonetheless.

I’m quite certain people other than me have good recommendation concerning releasing techniques. I believe it’s a whole “thing”.

Come to think of it, Rebirth may help, it’s about reframing if I recall.

Lol, yes. I figure if my customs don’t help me with these particular issues I’ll have done something wrong. :joy:

I assume @mecharc is referring to something he did or said to his father - who recently passed away.

Technically, I agree that Regeneration, Rebirth, or Sanguine can help, but I’m going to say the same thing I told @subliminalguy last year when he asked for advice after his mom moved on…

You have to let grief take it’s time. Do not try to force this process.

Its fine to do any spiritual practices you may be into, but don’t load your mind with subliminals for this.

Hope this helps. :+1:t2:


My father moved on late last year. I regret not having spent more time with him. But more than that, in the period following I found myself wondering if it should have affected me more, if I should have felt more.

In the end, I have to believe he’s not holding a grudge wherever he may be now. That’s for the living. The dead forgive. It’s part of the process of moving on. Unlike us, they don’t get stuck on things, they see the bigger picture.



With context I agree. It took years and a nice bout of therapy to get that grief to manageable levels. After the remaining guilt and such are things I continue to work on.


Sorry for your loss @mecharc. It is the first time I hear about it.


Correct, BL Ultima took care of it

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It’s a part of life

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It worked alright!