Which Sub would be best for goals


I am planning to spend the next 6 months (basically through the summer) going out as much as possible, getting my sex/dating/social life in order before moving on to financials/other areas. My long term goal is to do something similar to what Real Social Dynamics does if any of you are familiar with their content, so I really want to nail down the social skills before I focus on brand building/finances. What would be the best subs to run for this goal? I’m leaning toward S&S for sure but not sure what to stack it with if anything.


I know primal is good for inner game and sexuality, but maybe ascension if you want to get status confidence and so to prepare building something big!


From my experience, I’d do it the other way around. I’d get my money right before I even worry about women. You’d be surprised how much more attractive you become when women know/feel/see that you have money.