Which sub to solve sleep problems?

A friend of mine has serious sleep issues, thus being tired the whole day and still struggling to fall asleep at night. I wanna help him out because I think that the sub I’m listening to has resolved my sleep problems for the most part within 2 months. (There’s a “better sleep”-module in my GMX title.)

Is there a specific sub that focuses mainly on sleep or do I have to create a custom sub to include the better sleep quality module?

Just for info, my friend barely knows anything about subs.

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Deep Sleep is techically included in various subs.

However I never quite benefited from it in the main subs. My custom with Terminus power has Deep Sleep and there I finally got some great results with my sleep. Check it out as part of my module analysis here, done a month after starting my custom.

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Maybe have him try regeneration if he doesn’t want to get a custom. Deep sleep is there too.

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When I supplemented with some Magnesium Citrate and I listened to Deep Sleep, I fell asleep withn 15 minutes of lying down and sleep so deeply that in the morning I literally feel it was only a few minutes ago when I lay down to sleep while being completely rested. As a downside I haven’t recalled a single dream either.


Good insight.

I will just drop this here for everyone. If you have sleep problems, + Eye twitches while away, and/or Jerking limbs when falling asleep, and/or electrical shocks on loud noise/suprise, you probably have a magnesium problem. (Anecdotal)

melatonin? (Guess) Deep sleep is refreshing and if you woke up good but groggy its likely healthy melatonin.

No/low REM activity is bad for dreaming, good for sleep. Need REM for memories/cognition etc.

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Oh, I’m probably dreaming, I just don’t remember any of it. Recollection has always been bad unfortunately, but now it’s non-existent.

I’ll look into the melatonin. I wake up good enough that I can jump out of bed and get moving, but it does often take about 20 minutes for my head to follow suit. :slight_smile:

Then again, I’m never really tired when I go to bed (trying to retrain that habit). The original poster’s friend is tired the whole day.

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The stuff is strong, so try the lowest mg per pill, (or cut them, if you find better value)

When I took melatonin I would do liquid form so I could control the dose better. If you take it too late and have to wake up early it’ll make you groggy.

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I agree with @d1gz
And i am using regeneration also