Which sub to choose best for getting women and being more active


Hello guys
Right now im using a multistage sub that takes 3 months from now on. After that i want to starte a sub which helps me to find some women that i find attractive coz im very bad at getting a girl although i get lots of eye contact. I find it hard to approach women,i dont know why. Sometimes i do it automaticly whithout thought but then i find the way into the friend zone coz i lack escalation.

I bought khan,primal s + it and libertine and am seeking for advice which to start first and doesnt give me the negative emotions at first to oversome some deep shit coz im starting a new job at that time and dont want to be the awkward new guy.

Happy to get some advice


Well, I guess Khan is nothing for you then.
Im experimenting with IT too, so I want to be up to date on this thread.


Nobody can guarantee this for you. It depends on how many blockages you have.

But the most likely to be easier for you to use is PS IT


Were u pushed towards taking more action than before?
I read in your thread that u already were taking more action than the average guy.
The action part is very important for me. I know i need to jump over my own shadow the sooner the better.
Hopin to get a light kick in the ass from my subc after listening to subs and take automatic action like ive rarely expierienced


Khan ST3 does that more than PS IT.

Nobody experienced bad feelings on Khan Stage 3. Get Khan, try it, see how it goes.


I think i will do that thx


It depends on you to be honest however here is some of the best one to get women and there “side effects”, to not bore I will keep the example short and simple.
Primal: This one basically makes you the perfect guy who gets girl in a way of being a jock if that makes sense however primal has one thing which for some of us makes it unbearable to listen to and that is the sexual urges holy damn those urges are strong.
Daredevil: I’ve never listened to this one however from what i’ve read from many people it’s perfect if you want to become a pua/ dan bilzerian type guy, by that I mean girls like you more and you know what to say think of it as " I started from a newbie to being able to attract any girl I want type sub".
StarkQ: This one is my favourite it literally makes you become Tony Stark if you use it right the productivity you get is unbelievable and getting girls with it is something I will never be able to explain.
Hope this helped:)


Emperor Q.

I have gotten to the point where wealth just flourish and women (including my closest best friends as well as … blood-related relatives) are attracted to me like a magnet. I dare vouch for Emperor v4 aka Q, as it’s stupendously powerful. One of the strongest, most potent subliminal ever produced by Sub Club to date.