Which sub must I go ahead with


I started on Emp4 on Jan 28th until March 28th (masked + ultrasonic)
during these 2 months a lot of things happened, good and then it stalled due to corona.
Then i switched to Sanguine, cause i was going chaotic in my head due to the uncertainity at my job & a breakup. ive been runing sanguine only for over 11 hours a day for about 2 weeks (due to the sense of optimissm i required during these covid 19 times) it has done me fairly well.

i feel ive become dettached from the break up phase (have done all the wrong disastrous things for closure the past 3 moinths) just hoping my current state of mind isnt an illusion and i dont explode after a few days.

Now Im focusing on how to use this lockdown time efficiently and optimally since i have very limited exercise and external activity due to a partial curfew which will soon lead into a full lock down.

The skills i plan to accquire in the next 2 months are

  1. Basic Spanish speaking (thanks to Money heist)
  2. Speed Reading
  3. Run daily in the morning to get back into my disciplined routine

My goals as of now are as follows

  1. Get completely over the oneitis & get disgusted with porn.
  2. Have a sense of purpose greater than getting laid.
  3. Develop a new way of looking at the world and have unwavering faith in my ability to get thru this tough times and not spend any time in anxiety or worry of the future.
  4. Also i want my colleagues at work to see me in a different light, once the lock down is over and we ressume normal functionality if i dont loose my job due to a recession.

My question is as follows :

Since ive done roughly 500+ hours of Emperor (masked+ ultrasonic) & around 150 hours of snaguine alone.
Ideally i would like to go with @AMASH at doing only 1 sub at a timemhowever im bypassing that rule for now.

Must i go ahead with the any of the following options or would you experts suggest a better

Emp 4 + Rebirth
Emp4 + Sanguine
Emp4 + God like Masculinity
StarkQ + (rebirth/sanguine/god like masculinity)

Which program shall i go ahead with?

@SaintSovereign @Fire @DarkPhilosopher


@dhc - I haven’t tried StarkQ but I would still recommend that. I feel like it is technologically superior and it also combines the many benefits of other SubClub subs in an advanced way. And seeing the results from other people over here using SQ, it’s a no brainer.

Although I must point out that Emperor v3 (not v4) is quite helpful for working in isolation.

Maybe Emperor v3 + Godlike Masculinity for quarantine period and StarkQ (Or Emperor v4) once lockdown is over.

But if you are determined to do only one sub, I would recommend StarkQ. That’s what I would do if I had the same goals as you.

But lets get the advice of others too before deciding.


I would like to also add that those who are using StarkQ are experiencing a good amount of manifestation of benefits from the Inner Circle sub “included” (using that term loosely) in StarkQ. I feel that that could help with your job prospects by helping you network while you are still in lockdown and also after it.


thans for the feedback, im waiting for for insights…


@dhc this isn’t sub advice, but this pandemic has shown all of us what REALLY matters.

  • If a woman isn’t interested, let her go.
  • If a job quits on you, you will find a much better one, or you’ll create one.
  • If you’re nervous about the future, use this time to plan.

Subliminal Club and this forum is here for you. Cheers.


Thanks @Michel

however my sole intention is to use this time wisely by selecting the right sub.


It’s strange, but the first thing that popped into my head was a combination of Spartan, Limitless and Aegis. Aegis for the unwavering positive outlook, Limitless for the Spanish & Reading and Spartan to help you develop a new workout routine that uses all that energy for something other than sex. If you are successful in getting that routine and see the changes to your body, you’ll be filled with a new sense of confidence and purpose.

And obviously between Aegis and Spartan you’ll undergo a change that people notice.


Thanks @DarkPhilosopher for your inputs…