Which product to get inner calmness & relaxness (anti-stress) but also being productive?



I’m looking for a subliminal that helps me to relax and calm me down when I’m stressed. I have an overactive central nervous system that is stuck in this fight/flight mode which keeps my muscles tensed and causes all kind of different health issues.

Running StarkQ helped me a lot being more relaxed and having some inner peace but it somehow does not help me with procrastination and being productive.

EmperorQ, on the other hand, helps me with procrastination but it does not really help me being relaxed and calm where I can fully let go of any muscles tension.

I would love something that I can run besides Emperor that helps me with the relaxation part and also pushes my mind to be more in the “now”.

@SaintSovereign since you and @Fire are the only ones who actually know the scripts, what would you recommend in regards to my needs when it comes to relaxation, calm, happy, in the now and also anti-procrastination and productive ?


I’d suggest Emperor + Sanguine


Sanguine for calmness/inner peace

Emperor or Beyond Limitless for productivity


thanks for the suggestion guys!

Unfortunately, Sanguine does not give me this inner peace and calmness like StarkQ does. And Beyond Limitless gives me just some more focus but not anti-procrastination and better productivity like Emperor does.


What about StarkQ + Commander, then? I see that could work based on my experience with both