Which? Primal or Sex and Seduction


Hello guys,my first post…I thought I’d ask your experience…I am 54,married but love women attention,dont go out alone often,I have been working out for a long time and have been told often that I would be perceived as intimidating by few women(I am very friendly BTW.!)
I would like ,when I have the chance,to be able to flirt,and maybe more with women.(Some of you might not like the idea,sorry but health reasons)…Would you guys suggest me
Primal or Sex and Seduction…thanks in advance for your time…Rick


I believe S&S is focused on outer game. So it would make sense to go for S&S.


Thank’s for your advice…Rick


We need more information to give you an accurate result. Sex & Seduction will require you go to out – A LOT – to get results. It uses your own experiences to help you get better results. I’d actually go with Primal.


Oh, good point…actually I do not go out a lot,I’d even say not often…
.Thanks for telling me…Rick


This is interesting and I wish I knew this earlier. In my opinion, this should be stated in a FAQ section of subs. S&S was the first sub I purchased, and apart from me being more happy for the success of others, and a reduction in the need for me to impress others, I don’t think I achieved much of the goals of the sub.

I understand that subs are tools to guide me to achieve my goals and not some magical spell to do the work for me. However, I also think there is a difference between seducing people in the course of my everyday life - the lady who asked for my help in the supermarket or the one I met on a platform when we both missed the train - and going out A LOT. I don’t like the latter because of time constraint and my natural introverted personality.


“Go out a lot” is a bit of a misnomer. What I meant was, you have to talk to women for S&S to work. This could be on an online dating site, or web forum – doesn’t matter. You just need exposure to women on a regular basis for it to work well, since it relies on your interactions with women to help your seduction “style.”

All of this was mentioned in the sales copy:

As you integrate the SS scripting while continuously practicing, all of this “perhaps” will fall away.

Built with the profound fast acting Weapon X line of technology (the technology we use for fighting subliminals), we aim to reveal to you your very own mentor in seduction – your subconscious mind.

Working together with your subconscious mind using Sex & Seduction, you will acquire the skills of a master seducer at a blinding speed. You will pick up on every little technique that might exist, and integrate it into your skill set in a natural, effortless way.

This subliminal is meant for the go getter, the man who is willing to put in the work to become the Casanova he always wanted to be (and not attracting women through being a pretty wallflower). Even if you are afraid of putting in the work, the extensive SS scripting will ease your anxieties and guide you in how to start your sexual ascent.

S&S was never meant to be an “aura” type subliminal. We said that probably a thousand times on the forum, but people still purchase this title, never actually talk to women and then complain that they didn’t get results.

If I recall, the only person who tested it properly was @AMASH (correct me if I’m wrong), who actually went out and approached women and documented in great detail how it worked for him and provided feedback that directly went into v2. We’re going to revise it again with New Dawn.

That being said, @Fire and I will adjust the copy AGAIN so people realize that you actually have to work toward a goal.