Which modules/subs gave you preferential treatment from others

Preferential treatment as in people are more likely to help you. Most likely to give you free things, more likely to choose you over others, being picked for a job etc. I can imange chosen being one. Wanted as well.

Which ones has help you in this area.

I’d definitely say Chosen, Khan (more in a dominant kind of way), Love Bomb, Love Bomb for Humanity for sure. If I remember, some people received free stuff via Love Bomb/For Humanity.

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What you described is exactly the description of Love Bomb.

Those who tested Love Bomb came back with incredibly interesting results. Not only were they not perceived as weak, others loved them so much that they ended up getting gifts, praise and kindness wherever they went.
Some of our testers, in fact, ended up utilizing the profound energy of Love Bomb for the purposes of seduction!

Love Bomb Description

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When I was on Mogul for two cycles, I was getting jobs left and right, and I was slacking on each and every single one, being fully myself (was on wanted khan at the same time) and would always get some type of treatment like I deserved more (I’m going to tell management how good you are) etc etc


Depends on what you mean by preferential treatment. I think the context plays a big part part in this. As far as from women and giving me that celebrity status aura I have to go Wanted/Stark hands down. I think sometimes if I stick with that stack, life might have just come easily :joy:.

Even in a business context I think this stack was amazing as far as interactions and being treated as high status goes. However the drive and energy to actually pursue large business goals wasn’t nessicaripy there because I had a tendency to become to loose, social, party vibes.

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LBfH was the absolute best for me!

Not only did it positively effect the person I was talking with, but the people around them got effected. It went viral in the best ways possible.


Genesis + LBFH + Khan St 4

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