Which modules are in Primal?


I’m missing the module overview for Primal. It was mentioned somewhere by Saint that he is going to add it, unfortunately, it is still not there. Knowing the modules of a sub helps to know which other subs to stack it with.

Does it contain the full Sex Mastery X in Primal or does it make sense to add it as a stack if I want more sex drive?


Will be adding the modules this weekend during my “work holiday,” where I’ve taken W, TH and Fr off to do some clean up work. But yes, Sex Mastery X in its entirety is in Primal – no need to stack unless you want to feel the effects more profoundly.


@SaintSovereign Thanks for your clarification and updating the modules.

Could you also add some kind of tree overview for all your products so that users can see which subs belong together, which ones are similar with crossing modules but taking a different route.

This would help users immensely to know the best way to stack subs. If you are a gamer it is best to describe as a skill tree in video games.


@SaintSovereign Presumably you never got around to updating Primal’s modules in the product page as previously promised ? :wink:

Would be good to issue a list of modules as I (and quite likely other users) would like to understand which modules may potentially be stacked with Primal ?



Any updates on the modules @SaintSovereign @Fire , please ?