Which healing subliminal do you recommend?


I am currently thinking about using Limit Destroyer, Rebirth or Regeneration.
I have a lot of emotional garbage and things from the past that still shape my present.
I even got health issues from it and I sometimes feel resentment and anger because of it.
Which one would fit me? The problem is they all sound very similar so I have no idea how they differ and Id love to hear your opinion on it.


Yeah, I’d go with regeneration as my main sub. Regenaration is really a global healing sub, it won’t neessarely push you in any direction.


For emotional garbage and reframing the past Regeneration did wonders for me. Maybe stack that with Rebirth I think they complement each other very well.


If you already have limit destroyer, I’ll also add a loop, you never know if you have any limiting belifs about your past wounds that would means to you that you can’t recover or can’t change.


Thank you guys.
Could you please explain in a bit more detail what the differences between the programs are?
For me it is a bit confusing as they sound very much the same, meaning they have the same purpose but different ways/techniques achieving it.


They are not the same. Regeneration is a main program, Rebirth and Limit Destroyer are stacking modules.

Just go with a glorious playlist, like this:

Limit Destroyer

With the supercharger Elixir twice in the morning or at night.

Why compromise when you can have it all? :wink:


YEP, forgot about Elixir, but yeah, excellent idea to add elixir to the stack, supercharger are really really powerful!


Thanks for the explanation, but I just want to get this straight:
Rebirth reframes your past, Limit Destroyer … destroys your limits?
Isnt that the same?
But how are they different? Are they different in approach?
Thats a thing that confused me alot with the subliminals, it is that there are multiple subliminals which seem to do the same thing, but are actually different. For example AscendedMogul and Emperor.
There are these little details that make the great difference in the end and I just want to make sure I understand these details.
Thanks for your help guys!


Well, for two out of three…


Rebirth will change the way you view the past, it will reframe the events that happened so it doesn’t stop you from growing.

Limit Destroyer is a little more direct, it will break the limiting beliefs, questionning it and finding flaws in it (they are always flaws in every beliefs).

They both have different mechanism of action, and that is why they can work together!


Thanks, now I get it


No problem bro, just don’t forget, if you can afford to run Elixir, you should also add it to your stack!