Which gave you more Financial success out of



I don’t have the funds nor the time for EOG. I’m in Vegas on a work trip and trying to be well paid before I go back home. Those three and Khan are the only financial subs I have for the time being.


You didn’t say how long your work trip will last. Or how much you intend to gamble away. :wink:

To Khan, financial success is a side-effect of being the Khan, Emperor would help you quit your work, start your own casino and retire young with showgirls in every room of your penthouse, but that may take a while. Mogul is fastest with money, but Ascended Mogul has the better time-to-reward ratio.


Lol I’m in vegas for the rest of month. I’ve been on Khan before this though.


Khan ST3 is great for this.


from reading descriptions mogul seems the best option as it is smaller script(it will work faster) and focussed purely on financial


Out of those I’ve only had experience with Emperor (I’m 1.5 weeks into Khan ST3 currently). On Emperor, I went from having a couple hundred in my account to a couple grand in the span of 3 months. It forced me to be severely disciplined and keeping track of money and making money targets on my calendar week to week.There were no magical/luck-of-the-draw manifestations, at least not that I noticed.

I was dead-ass broke though; your situation seems different than mine, so take it with a grain of salt.

That being said, if you’re already running Khan, I’d just stick with that.


Hi, could you please share more about this? I am running Emperor and I am in a very similar situation. So far I feel like Emperor forces me to make shit finally happen.


I run Emperor too, don’t have exposure to mogul / khan but yes I can see the difference in 5 weeks of running emperor .
Better sales , more command over my business , better projection of targets


Well, nothing magical to report. I already had a job, thankfully, that paid decent (did get a small raise though, but to be expected). I just made a multitude of mini-decisions that made my life as a whole more efficient and less wasteful.

For example, consistently waking up daily 4-5 am to go workout, clean up around the house, and do chores, before leaving for work around 8. (Of course this meant getting to bed early as well). I stopped going out to eat/socialize completely.

I completely cut off ALL my social-circle, which in essence was simple, as most of my socializing was done at my favorite bar (I already quit drinking entirely this year, so I had a good reason - former alcoholic for years, technically still one).

More money-related, I put all my bills on auto-pay which I hadn’t already (putting more down every month on my CC to pay it back faster), bought a gym membership, and a new phone with an excellent camera (sort of an a business investment in taking quality images/video for social media and future art projects).

Also turned my daily grocery store visits to weekly ones (time waster).

There’s other stuff too, but yeah mostly just super basic stuff, grinding it out old-school. Not anything that I couldn’t do without subliminals. I never saw anything with the romance aspect unfortunately, and it made me a complete recluse, and I’m already an introvert. It’s why I decided to switch to Khan.


If you went from a couple hundred to several grand, it really makes you realize how expensive a social life really is, doesn’t it? That, and the impulse-shopping at the grocery store. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah for sure. And don’t get me wrong, I think socializing is super important, just from the standpoints of it being good for you mentally (even if you’re an introvert, you need people to talk to for mental well-being). Also the business connections you can make. Just for me, alcohol is a slippery slope; there was no such thing as “just one drink” for me. That alone saved me hundreds I’m sure. There are people who can control their impulses, I’m not one of them apparently.

As for groceries, it’s not that they were necessarily impulse buys. It was just that I was buying my dinner every day, and buying smaller quantities for a higher unit-price. From a psychological standpoint, it felt like I was paying less (at least the $ amount). But doing the math, I realized it was overall cheaper to just buy in bulk on the weekends. The time factor was big though. I did the math and stopping by the store was costing me ~20 minutes every weekday. So over an hour an a half per week wasted, not to mention the gas money.


For me Emperor isn’t a straightforward subliminal and my goals are not achieved quickly, neither in ways that I would normally expect. There are after all a gazillion ways in which your end-goal could present itself.


That’s how I was with medical marijuana. Always trying to medicate my problems away. Not kidding when I say this but I was literally high 24/7 all the time. It got to the point where I would smoke a whole blunt of the OG one hitter strains cause I had too much in my system to feel it like any other person would. I was growing it for my self and giving some to my friends families dispensary to sell top shelf for $40 a gram. I was growing an aeroponic type method. It was redicules. That was 10 years ago. I gave it up. :muscle:

I got sick of the life I was living. I was surrended by toxic people. I packed all that I could fit in a suitcase, turned my back and left that life. I left everything behind. All the nice and expensive things I had in my life I left behind. None of it meant anything to me at the point.


I hear that bro. Cannabis was my first drug of choice, as I started smoking at 16, and was high 24/7 as well, through college, until I started drinking real heavy at 21/22. I feel, starting at such as young age hindered my ability to have a rock-solid foundation/reality. Pretty much I was in a mental fog for a lot of it.

I actually still do consume cannabis occasionally, but I feel more rock-solid and grounded in my reality when I haven’t consumed in a while, and having roommates that smoke doesn’t help. That’s probably the next step for me.

Good on you for leaving behind your toxic environment, sometimes that’s what it takes. Leaving everything behind ain’t easy, and requires courage. Big ups.


Wow you already know what I mean. Do you have a problem with your time laps now? I have a distorted perception of time. Days, weeks, and months are all just like a blur. Brain fog is still here but not as much. And the limitless in emperor has been helping for me.


Preface: this turned into a super long post, my apologies for hijacking :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, everyone’s different, and my experience with weed isn’t gonna be same as the next person’s. I think cannabis is way better for you than alcohol, and of course many use it medicinally, so I don’t want to detract from that.

That being said, for me, I think starting young when my brain was forming a sense of identity/reality, and the fact that weed also gave me social anxiety (as far as going out and talking to new people), coupled with my low self-esteem and yearning to fit in with a social group --typical growing up stuff --, my sense of reality and self-worth were not great when adding weed to the mix. So pretty much I was in this daze of kinda feeling worthless over a period of time, just not doing anything in my life, racking up failure after failure – some wins but mostly failure. So my failures became my identity. Also, being socially anxious/awkward, and wanting to get laid but not being able to, also contributed to my looming negativity.

It really hasn’t been til recently over the past couple years that I discovered, “oh my sense of reality is defined by the events in the past, and more specifically assumptions that I made based on those events”. Essentially, I could have made false assumptions about my self in the past that were still having a negative effect on me today (for example, I got picked on by math teacher a lot in high school, as he used the Socratic method. I almost never knew the answer to his questions, and was labeled the “dumb” kid compared to all the other students. So I thought, “well I guess I’m just a shitty at math and always will be.” Fast forward a couple years to college, while I wasn’t the sharpest, I figured out a way that I learned best and conceptually and practically understood higher level math, something I never thought I could do while in high school. So the whole “oh I’m just shitty at math” was a wrong – and I’d go so far as to say, lazy – assumption (lazy because I didn’t put in the work; it was easier saying “I’m shit at math” rather than going through the painstaking process of studying and figuring it out.

To get even more general, I realized that everything that we experience in life is filtered by our senses (eyes, ears, nose, touch), and that our minds create our personal reality millisecond by millisecond, and that we stitch these moments together in our minds to form the story known as our lives.

Sometimes I’ll be in a certain situation, for example, sitting in the library, and I’ll be thinking about my life circumstances and feel really stressed and depressed. But then maybe I’ll look at a funny meme on my computer, and my entire perspective shifts and I feel much better. What happened? Almost nothing changed, just one second of action, that’s all it took for my entire perspective to flip. My mind just shifted perspectives. More importantly, this shift in perspective was under my conscious control, a bit of an AHA moment for me.

I think alcohol, weed, and any drug/substance, alters our sense of reality. Thus, on a subconscious level, we give control of our mind/perception, sense of reality to this substance. We do our minds a disservice. Sure, it’s super easy to be social after a couple of drinks, and maybe it’s fine to do once in a while, but we’re essentially wasting an opportunity to train our brain to be social/outgoing on its own accord.

To answer your initial question, yes, I feel my sense of reality returning, my groundedness, and my control over my thoughts and actions, and life overall. I believe this is mainly due to me quitting alcohol entirely, as that was my main hang-up (drinking 10-11 beers daily for a couple years, often starting first thing in the morning for, or in lieu of, breakfast – I stopped day drinking over the last 2 years).

I had a couple weeks where I did smoke a lot of weed, but I’m not beating myself up over it. Part of me wants to quit entirely and focus 100% on my life goals. But I also think the occasional edible maybe once every couple months would be nice (I do creative arts and feel weed is beneficial for that. That’s really my main hang-up, but it’s probably just an excuse I’m making up.)

Also another thing I would like to mention is I’ve been doing nofap on an off the last 2.5 years. Quitting porn and masturbation lifted whoooole lotta brainfog for me that I didn’t realize was even there. So that’s another variable to keep in mind.


Wow thanks for that post. That was a great perspective you shared. Awesome!