Where are all the superheroes?


I just have to say this (sort of) out loud…

I see all these products, from subtle energies to Law of Attraction and manifestation to hypnosis, NLP and subliminal messaging, all advertising these amazing things. And I’m left to wonder: where are all the superheroes?

If all these things work as designed, then why can’t I seem to find those who’ve actually reached their amazing and miraculous goals? I see people that have made improvements in their life, sure, but many can be explained away by their mindset changing simply through the belief that a higher power or mysteries force is now responsible for them. And once they have faith that someone/thing isn’t going to let them F things up, they tend to go further, do more and take more action. And so the circle starts moving. Is that the product, or the person’s faith in said product?

There’s a saying: “It’s the journey that counts, not the destination.”
Maybe that’s it. Maybe nobody ever gets to the pot of gold at the end of their respective rainbows. I know that if your goal is to climb the highest mountain, you won’t realize there’s actually a higher mountain behind it, one which you can’t see, until you climb the first one. Goals evolve as you grow. But still, it would be great to meet one of the superheroes…


I am unsure what you are asking specifically. What do you mean by “superheroes” and “all advertising these amazing things”. What things?


Well you answered it. A lot of things are placebo for people. so after a while the zeal that the person had has washed off and also the results. That’s why the superheros aren’t around. Because I’m such a skeptic placebo doesn’t work well for me. I have barely gotten results if any from those other companies. Best results I’ve gotten are from sub club.


You ask a very valid question. From my personal experience, you’re not finding the answer since you’re looking for something that does not exist. Specifically, someone not fucking up.

We all fuck up every day, in some area of life. We’re designed that way, and attempting perfection will push everyone away since you’ll either try to control yourself rigorously, or you’ll try to control everyone else. And that makes one very undesirable to be around. I’ve done both for years at a time.

Superheroes, per your definition, do not exist. However, I did find peace when I found a higher power who accepted me as I am, fuckups and all. But I still believed I was inferior, so my fears and hangups made me castrate myself of natural drives (sexual or financial gain), or judge those who expressed themselves about them. I did this for years, and it sucked.

I now know life is not lived peaceably when I have such thinking. In other words, my assumptions of my higher power’s expectations of me were all wrong. God doesn’t think like I do. I’m grateful to know this now. I still fuck up daily. I just don’t hang onto them like I used to. I’ve learned neither does he hang onto them. I ask for help from him now when I realize I haven’t, and man, does he show up! (Perfection not required in ANY of this)

So, the myth of perfection is why you’re not seeing superheroes. I don’t see them either. Yet I do see very human males giving a compliment when needed, an encouragement when it could have been passed up, kindness when anger was aroused, and money for someone who needed it but hadn’t earned it. Those little BIG acts say we have a lot more power than we know. That helps me see good in the world.

I use subliminals since I grew up with, and have held to, some destructive thinking. I’ve used that thinking on myself in various ways, making painful decisions for both me and others. I’ve been using subliminals a few years now, and I’m experiencing more constructive life choices now. I’ve never been in war. I’ve never lived on the streets. But working around those who have gives me a compassion for them, for some live in hell in their heads every day. The least I can do is be nice to them.

I think St. Francis said “may I not seek to be understood, but to understand”. I find truths about myself when I try to understand others, and that is me living life with the gifts I possess. I am no superhero. But me living and giving of my own gifts empowers and encourages me, so I keep doing it.

What are some of your natural gifts @DarkPhilosopher?


Not sure what your on about. Super Heroes ? I think Marvel killed of all the X men.


@subliminalguy that was beautiful


To @Orion and @blackadder who failed to get my nuance, I was being a bit… dare I say sarcastic? Products claiming to turn you into millionaires, turn you into One-Punch Man or heal you so completely it’s like taking years off of your life. It’s all marketing. Most people are happy if the product does one-thirds of that, which would be the definition of success in most cases. I just get a bit fed up with all that marketing every now and then. Hence, I used the same overblown statements by calling them superheroes instead of just success stories.

@subliminalguy Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately, I’m not ready to do that quite yet. All I can say is that my greatest flaw is also my greatest strength. It also has the effect of me not fitting into the norms of “civilized” society, which really stunts my development, bringing me here.

I remember this one time I had a very long discussion with the perfect Catholic school girl. We’re talking the stereotype here. Bible in hand, white skirt, long blond hair, no make-up, just plain natural drop-dead gorgeous.

Anyways, I always love engaging people that are religious in a good way, so those that accept that not everybody else is or has to be, they’ll come on their own time. I asked her all kinds of questions, spoke at length about the way I saw the universe. In the end, I sent her running to her pastor to talk for hours. She came back with the conclusion that I had a deeper understanding of and connection to her religion and her deity than even her priest. Which was hilarious to me, since I pride myself on refusing to follow any religious denomination. My faith is my own, I believe how I feel is how I’m supposed to. The reasoning behind that is that all religion was created by man. And if, as you, say, man is imperfect, then how could they possibly accurately represent a perfect deity? Something will always get lost in translation. If there is a He, then He will have to personalize His message to all of us, it’s the only way it gets through correctly.

But enough of that, I’m already risking a discussion that is best left off the forum. Me and the girl dated for a while, she was truly amazing and I’m glad to have had her in my life.

In asking the topic’s question, I wasn’t actually looking for anything. As I stated at the start of this post, I just needed to get my frustration at things rant for a bit. Besides, I would never want perfection. In my eyes, perfection means stagnation. After all, if you’re perfect, what’s left? There’s nothing left to do, nothing left to change. You’d simply exist in this timeless, frozen existence, this one moment of complete perfection. It’s our flaws and imperfections that give us our creativity and passion.

I got that idea from The Saga of Recluce. Never got around to reading it, only getting in the beginning. But the author’s description of Order and Chaos made so much sense to me that I realized one must never exist in either extreme and we must always strive for balance in all things. Take the Jungian Shadow for example. We all have a darker side, possibly brought on by our imperfections. It is up to us to express that darker side in a controlled fashion or else it will build up over time and explode out of us. Think crimes of passion or useless violence and aggression. If those people had found safe outlets for those emotions earlier, it likely would have never come to that.

Anyways, I’m going on for too long, so I’m going to see if I can do something around the house. Thanks for listening and engaging.


@DarkPhilosopher sorry buddy was in a sarcastic mood hence the sarci comment.


No worries. Dead or not, Dark Phoenix is up 200 million USD, I’m sure Marvel gets their cut. :slight_smile:


Yesterday I was standing by the traffic light, waiting for it to turn green, and I thought about my social life (I dont really have one(yet)) and what Im going to do about this whole girls-topic (Never had a gf)
Suddenly, there was this man standing beside me and he started talking to me:
“Humans are disgusting” I thought well, that could be my inner critic talking here.
I learned that his best friend slept with his girlfriend and that he really loved her, you know, the usual stuff. It baffled me. A complete stranger coming up to me and speaking the feelings in his heart, unfiltered. I told him that both of them arent for him and I wished him all the best when we parted.

I think that guy was a hero.

PS: This PM-Thing works now :sweat_smile: