When we purchase superchargers after it gets converted to Ultima


Are there still the guided visualizations when I purchase Ultima? Will I have both options?


Ultima libertine was just masked track…


So if I purchase Libertine today, will there be both options(versions) to download? One guided visualization(original supercharger) and 1 Ultima.


Hmmm when I purchased Sanguine I got the older versions too. Doesn’t matter what the test had. I believe you still get all versions till they phase out.


That is wonderful. I like to practice my visualization skills. I think there is a place for guided visualizations.


I’m using multi-timer app for one of my meditations. So I can use the interval timer and set the alarm as the next stage or focus with a voice recording of myself.

A fully guided experience is also nice though.


All is useful. I appreciate your feedback and suggestions and journals @mnemosyne

Thank you