What's the longest and shorted period of time you've listened to a subliminal?


I’m trying to see what some of the members here at Subliminal Club are used to in terms of listening duration when it comes to subliminals. It seems like 30 days is the minimum amount to feel any substantial changes, but from what I can tell, most people bounce-around with the subliminals and don’t allow enough time to get the maximum benefit and more permanent results because the subconscious can play that “it isn’t working” trick. It’d be great to see Saint and Fire chime-in to see what they themselves do in terms of listening duration and maybe list the amount of time they’ve invested in listening to various subliminals of theirs – which ones they’ve listened to for the longest period of time and which they’ve listened to for the shortest amount of time. Let’s get some input in this motherfucker!


From what I’ve seen, many of the products here include parts of or entire other products. Also, the scripting is supposedly designed to stack (in other words complement one another). Because of that, it wouldn’t really be bouncing, but rather transitioning from one module to another, essentially changing the emphasis to another topic without making complete changes. Even so, I can imagine that listening to very large stacks of many modules or switching often between modules will make the effort less effective. I guess that’s why taking action is so important. As long as you do your best to display new behaviors, the effects gained won’t be lost. At best, they’ll remain where they are until you focus on that topic/area again.

Might I suggest going to the journal section, looking for the threads with many replies. Most of them started their program over a month ago.

I’ve come here from listening to subliminal products that were staged and had to be committed to for at 6 months, where the first stages would break resistance down while the later stages built the new programming. Even their single modules had to be listened to for at least three months. And always a week to a month of no subs before switching. Everybody obeyed since the author put the fear of something in them.
I like the increased flexibility of Subliminal Club and can’t wait to experience the effects. Although I really am not looking forward to the usual effect of sleeping 12 hours a day.


Number of hours exposed to would be a more meaningful metric, rather than days.

I could listen to Sub A for 12 hours 30 days straight, someone else could listen to the same sub for 1 hour 60 days straight. I’d have 360 hours of exposure with 1/2 the number of days, but he/she would have 60 hours despite having twice the number of days.


Yes, I totally agree with you about hours being very, very important, but a lot here are doing the “set and forget” method, which entails listening at least 8 hours a day in my mind, so I’m just curious on the timescale, how much time in terms of days/months most members are putting into various subliminals. I’m really curious, also, how the founders are doing it – are they devoting at least 6 months to each stack, is it 12 months, etc. I know it isn’t so black-and-white, but it’d be good to see how much time people are generally investing into their subliminal(s) (stack).


I’ve been listening to Primal Seduction for close to 2 months now. Only taken 2 breaks spanning 4 days. I plan to continue until I reach my dating goals.


On the other hand, one needs to consider the time it takes for the subconscious to incorporate the changes, the recovery time. Saint’s compared it to muscle recovery after training. Imagine you could train for 16 hours straight, how much time would it take for the lactic acid buildup to clear and for the muscles to adapt and be ready for another training session? Using that analogy, after listening to Sub A for 12 hours, will your subconscious mind be ready for more after 12 hours rest? If not, your next 12 hours of listening time may very well be ineffective since the subconscious simply is not ready yet. When I switch to new subliminals, I can listen 24/7, although I end up sleeping 12 of those hours just to handle it.

We need to consider the variables we cannot know, where do you stand where it concerns your mental development (how much work would the subs need to do to get you where you need to go) and how resilient is your subconscious mind (how fast can it recover)? But since we can’t resolve those variables, the best we can do is calculate the amount of contiguous days of listening between 8-16 hours a day (the recommended limits).

As a side-note, the Set-and-Forget method will entail a lot of walking away out of effective range. But I suppose at least 8 hours would be an accurate guesstimate. As for the founders, I know @SaintSovereign has multiple journals. Do keep in mind though, the founders are also their own guineapigs, so they may actually switch more often, or at least switch to upgraded modules. Even if they don’t, I guess that the constant writing of new scripts works like affirmations, confusing their subconscious. They may not be the best people to ask.