What's the frequency of ultrasonic subliminal audios?

I started listening five days ago but now I have some tinnitus.
I download an app to erase it but I need to select the exact frequency.

I’m not sure what you mean by you “downloaded an app to erase it”. Eliminating the frequency at which the subs play would alter the sub significantly. I have two questions:

  1. Are you listening to the ultrasonic track on speakers or with headphones?
  2. Is there any reason you don’t want to/can’t use the masked version of your sub?

Thanks for your reply Neurokinetic.
This is the app

I was hearing with no earbuds through my mobile phone.
Now Im using the masked version although sometimes is tedius.

Here’s how I did it:
Start off with the lowest volume possible and see how you react to it. If you’re good, increase the volume by one unit and check again

Use FrequenSee to verify. I think I recall it being around 17000.

Astronaut, weren’t you the one using Wim Hof to help fix tinnitus (which I believe is essentially holotropic breathing)?


Yes, it does help. I don’t think it is the same as holotropic breathing though. That seems a lot more intense. If you want your brain to be blown out of your body with Wim Hof, you can by breathing more deeply, faster and aggressively.
But I also recommend using frequencies for tinnitus/ear damage cure

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I’m still feeling the effects from the ultrasonics I listened to in May. Nothing’s helped so far but I also only did wim hof twice. Good luck with your search for relief.

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First two days I played quite low, third day I increased the volume but still far below the 20db.
Now I feel a little better compared to yesterday.
I’ve been listening to a lot of binaural beats.

If you play ultrasonic at the lowest volume with Android, are they effective?

Use FrequenSee. Whisper something as quietly as you can while still hearing it. See how much dB that is on FrequenSee. As long as your ultras are at or above that, you can “hear” them.

For the record, Saint and myself (when listening to ultras) hover between 50 and 60. I would never go above 40 myself. Don’t need a drill instructor shouting in my ears.

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And that recommendation was too much for my ears so I skipped ultras all together. But if I went back I’d do 80-70. I was at 60-50 when the ringing began. I still have the low level ringing that began on them but not the acute wtf rings I was getting with ultras.

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I was in the 60-50 when the Tinnitus began.
First day I was in the lowest possible and think I was Ok.

My tinnitus has improved.
I’ve been listening to many audio healing frequencies in Youtube.
It’s pretty good to relax, you can get help of Binaural beats too.
And It’s important neither being frustrated nor being obsesive about the ringing sounds in the ears.
Try to ignore the tinnitus.
You can try meditation, that will help too.

If you’re still curious what frequency it is, I checked out the frequency map in audition and the loudest parts in StarkQ range from 17k to 18k. But the entire thing can range from 13k to 19k. The areas between 13k and 16k are very quiet though.

One thing interesting is Terminus has more prominent vertical lines going down to 13k, you can tell it’s more densely packed just by looking at the audio pattern.

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