What would you be running now if you just started your SC adventure?


Try to imagine you’re starting your SC adventure with no previous sub experience, what would you run in the first place?
Me, I would start with the very same stack (Regenration+Elixir) I’m running now since I need healing and I think it’s the very first step EVERYBODY should make starting with subs.


Ascension + a healing sub like Elixir because it would quickly get me up to speed while simultaneously breaking down stuff.


I would run ascended mogul instead of Emperor. As much as I love Emperor I think AM would have been easier and more effective to run. I heard many times that AM is a better choice for climbing through the ranks in an office environment. No regrets, though.


I’d surely start with Ascension, and that’s what I did. I began subliminals to heal emotional damage, but having the courage to go forward with this demands one believe in themself to some degree.

Ascension helped me see I had some potential and strength in me. I love that sub.


Regeneration + the elixer
This is the exact stack i started with this year minus spartan and the legacy
This helped me leave the past in the past and get over some long keep traumas


I recommend all men to start with Ascended Mogul ± Limitless.


Probably the same thing I started out with. Khan. Or maybe Dragon Reborn.


I would do the same as my real first time in 'ere. Pick up Emperor as my first sub.


Yep. I’d have done that.

Don’t regret the path taken, but this would have been easier.


Probably would have listened to my gut feeling and purchased Primal.


Probably Dragon Reborn because I seem to be a glutton for punishment among other things


Must say that is some hardcore stuff, jumping straight into the deep end lol


I would start with it if I was new to subliminal programming but after over five years of mind programming I’m much more solid and a lot of the shit has been kicked out. It’s a tantalizing program I must admit but… the priorities.


That’s the point. Get it all cleaned out so there isn’t anything standing in the way of getting shit done


I would have given anything to have this when I was 8n my late teens or early twenties. Now that I have it I’m taking every opportunity to do the work.


Excellent question. I would do in this order:

  1. Elixir Ultima + RegenerationQ
  2. Dragon Reborn
  3. EmperorQ + Power Can Corrupt
  4. EmperorQ + Power Can Corrupt + Ecstasy of Gold


Khan St1 or dragon reborn for sure!


tagging @SaintSovereign his input would be tremendously valuable here.


Knowing what I know now, Daredevil.


Regeneration -> Khan -> DR

If I want to take a really risky route
Emperor -> Khan -> DR

I am shocked people say they’d start with DR :open_mouth: well actually not that much but… it’s not a good idea I think (then again, neither are some of the things I do maybe :wink: - about to stack 2 custom terminus subs + DR)

PS I forgot about things like QL alchemist etc here

hard to say… hmm

More realistic:
Regen + QL added later
add Khan later so Khan + QL

Then add alchemist probably

Shit like this, :smiley: But definitely regeneration seems like a good starting point
QL also

If you want to be bold, khan =)