What would be the best subliminal for leaving behind past negatieve habits?


Any recommendations? Basically there are a few options, being Rebirth, Regeneration, Limit Destroyer and Spartan.

I’m not sure if any of these will help me out. If you’ve used these. Which one would yo recommend, how was your experience with it? Leaving me with another question. Has any of the stacking modules ever been updated?


Have you have a thought to hang ST1 and ST2?


Which Subliminal?


Oops silly me… Khan


Not interested. To big of a script. I’m running Emperor, QL ST1 already. I’m probably adding Rebirth, Godlike Masculinity, Limit destroyer and Regeneration in as well. These stacking modules seem to be very small scripts that attach really good in on the bigger programs. In this stack there are many overlapping modules and each script is interconnected with the other scripts. Putting the focus on Emperor and Quantum Limitless while using Regeneration when resting from work. Stacking Modules will be used whenever I need a boost of any of these little scripts which are already added into the main programs.

I’m thinking taking action on the exact think where your subconscious is working on with each distinct program is going to give you the best and most profound results. While the other aspects of your conscious are working on the higher planes getting it all together it seems important to take the actions to get the dice rolling. While all these things are happening on the higher planes your body on the physical also has to put in the work for the manifestation to come to you. I’ve had much more succes using Subliminal’s like this since I have been testing it. Just playing one subliminal for a long time doing random shit, doesn’t give me much results rather my subconscious absorbs all information but waits for the action for the information to be programmed in and structured.


Seems like people are having great success with that Khan towards those goals. But if your sticking with emp then l probably would add in rebirth since it’s already in emperor.


It seems as if every stacking module is already in Emperor. Besides Sanguine then. I’m thinking it would be interesting to use these when you need a boost on any of these traits. Adding them in between my stacks upon needing the boosts and taking action on it. So rebirth when meditating and cleansing. (Godlike Masculinity, Sanguine perhaps) in combination with Aura when doing social interacting of each kind. Limit destroyer if you come across any barriers. It seems as variation in the scripts works positively with the subconscious.


I think you just broke it down to a science :wink:.


Well, stacking modules are supposed to take something that’s already present in a major sub and emphasize it, make it stronger. Until the multi-stages, Emperor was the all-in-one solution.

I do like your idea of using the stacking modules more like superchargers and running them when the situation calls for it. In that case, you will probably find that it takes a while for your mind to realize that’s what you’re doing, so at first you’ll notice little difference, but at some point you’ll start noticing it.

Also, start running them at least one cycle before you start the activity, like how you would eat something a little bit before an activity that required the energy to give your body some time to metabolize the energy.

Take some time to figure out how Sanguine makes you feel. I believe many report it makes them quite Zen-like, so you may do that around meditation or even socialization.


Exactly how I was going to do it. One run before the task, then while doing the task. At least if possible, I won’t be running any subliminal’s on a social event of course. I did feel as well by switching around the subliminal’s and emphasizing with a stacking module it does give me very positive effects. Especially the Rebirth one. Haven’t got Sanguine yet but will definitely do that in the future. I was thinking this was a subliminal to bring euphoria and happiness. I was looking for a subliminal like this in the past. Euphoria and happiness are rather really high vibrating emotions enabling you to manifest easier in the physical.


I think Regeneration with Stage 1 of any of the multi stages would be pretty compelling as a purgative.