What went wrong?


Hi guys I have been using Emperor v3 for past 40 days.
I am using both masked and ultrasonic version 2-3 loops of masked and 7-8 loops of ultrasonic.
For first 3-4 days i felt some changes like i started feeling hungry in every 2-3 hour, had a feeling of confidence,felt that my voice has changed a bit and I also felt my sense of humour and wittyness has improved. And I also received back to back two orders after a long time( I also do a part time business ) so I felt that it’s the result of moghul script.

But since the first 4 - 5 days I didn’t feel anything and changes that I felt were gone . If felt like Emperor just stopped working I haven’t noticed even a minor change since then nor did I received any order since then.
And lately I also started feeling lethargic and exhausted all the time.I always find myself indulging in unproductive activities and can’t make time for productive once. I acknowledge that but I still keep wasting my time and feel really frustrated at the end of the day . I was planning to read a book “Prometheus Rising” but can’t make out time for that . I am planning to do something to expand my business but can’t make out time for that . I just keep on adjourning things for future even I was planning to write this post since last 2 days but keep on adjourning it for future by saying I’ll do it tomorrow.
I don’t know why this is happening is my subconscious reacting to the subliminal in an undesired way.


I think what is happening is your subconscious is getting rid of negative beliefs and other negative things in your life so bear with it. Trying to reprogram your mind is a great thing but it takes time. It will also take a toll on you since its changing your mind for the better, it’s not like a snap of the fingers, it’s like cutting from caffeine addiction. It will wear you out for a bit bc most peoples minds depending how old you are are at this point hard wired so it takes sometime and effort to sort through the shit and replace with with better habits and such.


You need to give it at least 30 dsys


It’s already been 40 days.


Listen more, a little louder, and give it 60 days :slight_smile:

We can’t know until you continue and see what happens.


@Floridianninja I hope what you are saying is true. And thanks for reply.


@AMASH yes I am going to stick to it and see how things unfold. One need one more suggestion should I stack Emperor v3 with limit destroyer or should I just stick to emperor v3 and dedicate even more listening time.


If you have Limit Destroyer, I think this would be a solid playlist:

Emperor v3
Emperor v3
Limit Destroyer

On repeat. As many hours as possible :slight_smile:


@AMASH thanks


Limit Destroy and Rebirth would probably be a great help.

What exactly are you goals? If you don’t mind me asking


Sometimes others notice the changes in us when we don’t even think we’ve changed.


@Floridianninja my goals are :-
Firstly I want to acquire Alpha male traits that is most important those traits will allow me to have

  1. Strong Self image.
  2. Help in boosting my self confidence.
  3. Stop Procrastinating .
  4. Boost Self esteem.
  5. Feel worthy.
  6. Get rid of Inferiority complex.
  7. Be in Complete control in unfamiliar enviourment.
  8. Feel Pride.
  9. Be more social.
  10. Take steps to improve my life.
  11. Be more Dominant.
    And all other charcterstics that make me true Alpha male .

Sendondly I want to manifest more money , achieve Financial freedom, build my empire

Lastly I want to Attract more Females and ability to choose from multiple ( Extremely Beautiful) romantic partner

I know that’s a lot :slight_smile:


Emperor itself is also a massive sub so it takes time to see results especially if it is your first time listening to a sub. That is a lot but it can also be condensed into just a few goals because they are similar.

Emperor has 5 subs in 1 plus sub modules so its a lot to run plus depending on how much you listen to it every day.

Self confidence, self image, self esteem, worthiness, and removing inferiority complex can all be counted as 1 goal because they are essentially the same thing.


Emperor was actually the first sub I ran last year and man it put me through the ringer for 2 months but it definitely helped change me for the better. It was a tough go like there were days it was really rough because i had never run subs and had no foundation but in the end it was worth it.

Eventually you will see the results but you also have to take action towards your goals. If your subconscious is pushing you towards something and you ignore it, you will feel the pain for it. I learned that the hard way lol.


Are you listening to just emperor? Or are you also listening to other subs or subs from competitors too?


Right now I’m just listening to Emperor


I would say add if you can limit destroy and or rebirth in there as well. If you are having other problems maybe look into the super chargers like elixir or beyond limitless or Libertine.


@Sanket05 As your Goals are of getting Alpha Traits I suggest you might stack GODLIKE MASCULINITY with Emperor V3.


@Prem333 thanks for suggestion


Here’s what I am planning-
I am planning to listen emperor v3 and limit discover regularly and alternate between rebirth and God like masculinity .
On first day I will listen
Emperor v3
Emperor v3
Limit destroyer

Then next day I will listen
Emperor v3
Emperor v3
Limit destroyer
God like masculinity

Will this be a good stack. I am open to suggestions