What was the strongest version of Emperor you've experienced?


I’ve used Emperor V2 (which I did not record my progress with unfortunately), Emperor V3 and Emperor V4.

Just curious, which version felt the most powerful to you guys?

Emperor V3 was quite potent for me but in my memory I remember Emperor V2 being more effective. Ah the joys of being too lazy to journal back then.

I had more anti-social tendencies on V3 which was great in many ways. Although initially I didn’t want that aspect, I found it didn’t really make me cold socially or unable to socialize, but I wasn’t interested in “pointless” socializing.

I love socializing but to be honest it gets in the way of my productivity a lot, so that was helpful.

V4 I don’t feel that anymore. Perhaps due to something else, I don’t know, but I’ve found my desire to socialize has actually increased somewhat. And I don’t feel like I’m being pushed as hard as before. It feels more… how do I say… suggestive. Like hey maybe we should take action VS get off your ass and do something now.

Curious to know your experiences and if they’re similar to mine or not


Yes, V4 is making me more social. Which is good, I think. I believe, i was over aggressive while listening V2 and V3. I’m still very aggressive but vibes have changed alot. I was rude initially, now I’m sarcastic, funny, cocky kind of aggressive. I make my point clear that this behaviour is not acceptable in a affirmative tone. With previous versions i use to just stop talking to the concerned person which was passive aggressive behaviour also, i was always ready for fight.

In short, I’m managing people better with V4. V3 did very less for me. V2 made me full of energy that was not channelled properly.

V4 on the other hand is smooth. It will make you energetic but not so much. It will ask you to take action but in a smooth way, were transition will be made easily. That’s why it is hard to notice the difference, it seems like nothyi has happened.

Just give time to V4 and only use V4. To know it’s results better. Make a personal journal, to know the exact changes that has happened while listening to emperor. Journal is m.imp.


I have to say version 4. It’s effects seems to get stronger as I go and that requires me to have to listen to less loops. V2 energy feels like an consuming an energy drink, V3 made me feel like a god for sure but I wasn’t able to control my new level of aggression too much. V4 offers me energy but it’s smoother and more positive. I feel even more like a god on V4 but I can control the edge and aggression that it gives me.

V4 also made me more social than I was on V3, even though I stand behind my decision to only deal with those who I can build mutually beneficial relationships with, I’ve actually come to enjoy small talks more, for the sake of strengthening my social skills.


My experience is similar to yours. I used V2 for a very short time, and then V3 came out. It pushed me super hard and I accumulated a lot (at the time) of money just by grinding. Also made me very secluded, but in a fucked up way from which I derived pleasure, masochistic almost.

V4 was great first week but then pushed me into a feeling of despair and depression because I felt major shortcomings and a debilitating feeling of not being anywhere near where I wanted to be in life. Came to realize this was because 6+ hours daily of EV4 was too much for me (and this is coming from someone who hammered the subs all day with EV3 and Khan with no such side effects).

So for now, I’d say a tie between V3 and V4, but suspect after another month of two EV4 will effect more significant changes in my life. I’ve already set deadlines for moving location and jobs, and I’m seeing multiple paths where I can go from here in life. Just need to execute now.