What subliminal should i buy?


hi guys, if everything goes well next week i will finally be able to buy some subliminals.
for sex do you thing is better sex mastery or primal seduction? i think sm is better for what i want (improve my skills in bed and crush girls) and from what i read it should include some parts for seduction ability too so it should be good, but maybe you can give me some advice.
for my study problems idk. i know q limitless is better than limitless but my exam are in june and july. because of the fact that QL has 4 stages and i wanna do things well, i think i’d run one stage for a month so to arrive to the final stage i’d need 3 months and i need good results quickly for my exams. do you think stage 1 and 2 of QL is already better than normal limitless? because if i have to wait stage 4 to have better results than limitless i think for the moment i could buy limitless and maybe next year or in october go for QL.
it is also true that for something relatively “easy” like university i think normal limitless could be enough (i study medicine so it s not ao easy but i think there is worse in the world since for medicine the improtant thing is to have a really good memory and be good to stay up to par with the exams, two skills that i dont have in this moment).

i hope you understand ahahahah, sorry for my english


Hey @clancygilroy

I am a medicine student myself :smiley:

Sex Mastery will be the best subliminal if you want to improve your sex skills (how you perform in bed, the connection you build with the girl, etc). The seduction scripting is more geared towards seducing her to have sex with you (turn her on, arouse her, etc.) If you want to seduce hot college chicks from first meeting them, then an other subliminal would fit better. SM is a rather simple script.

Because you are a medical student and studying is something that follows us for at least 6 years, I would go for Quantum Limitless. I use it myself for my studying and it is fucking amazing. I also posted a small review of it here: Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)

If you have no big traumas of studying, then I would leave Stage 1 out for now. Depending on how experienced you are, I would start by listening to Quantum Limitless Stage 2 for 20-30 days and then switch to Stage 3. Stage 3 will be the most powerful stage and it is advisable to run Stage 2 before. In my opinion, there is no need to run Stage 4 because it focuses on other areas than only studying efficiently.

If you have more questions feel free to ask


yoooo medicine gang ahahahahah

ok for the moment i’d say SM is the way.

the problem is that i have a big problem with studying so probably i’ll play stage 1 for a month. if i see that things are going weel maybe after a week or two i go to stage 2.

thanks for your advice :smile: