What program should I run to assist me in my new hussle

Hey guys,`

I am been a Subclub member for maybe over 3 years now.

Time flies like crazy.

To be honest, my overall lack of direction has led me to a quick road to nowhere.
I have been fiddle fucking around the last 3 years.

I have embarked on a new serious journey since January 2023 though.
I am learning how to become a great copy-writer so that I can freelance and supplement my shitty day job and shitty income. My immediate goal being to go from the low income bracket to the medium one.

I am still early on my journey.
I have to work like my life depends on it just to get out the shitty reality I have created for myself.

So that I can keep pushing when the going gets tough and be as creative as possible, what would you believe the best programs to be to assist me on my path?

I figured that Limitless V2 would help me absorb new knowledge quickly. Any other main program ?

Thanks for your input guys,
Keep hustling,



A bit tongue-in-cheek here as I do know you’re asking for subs… but the best program any copywriter needs right now?

Anything powered by GPT-4 (just released today!)… :wink:

Jasper and Frase are good to start.


Wouldn’t renaissance man be good for copywriting?


Ascended Mogul + Limitless + True Sell


Get a custom with AM + UA
Modules: True Sell, Ultimate Writer, Sacred Words, Glory Seeker, Lifeblood Fable, Overdriver/Natural Winner, Cataclysm Cashflow, Tyrant, Jupiter, and some others

Also run RICH … maybe even Beyond limitless or Limitless Executive

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Thank you so much for your very valuable answers.
I will go for now with Palpatine’s suggestion
I have already purchased all three of these programs you ve mentionned.
What I need to figure out now is how can I create a listening schedule that will yield the
biggest results?
I also need to make them fit perfectly my daily activities.
I work out early in the mornings, then hope on the slave train till 5pm.
After that I run home and apply myself from 3 to 4 hours to learning the skills I need and developing a business.

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I would just run one program a day, everyday, switching to the next program the next day. So: today subA, tomorrow sub subB, the day after tomorrow subC, and repeat. I would take a day off (or more) only if I felt I needed it. This pattern works for me best, so I recommend it to everyone.

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