What I've noticed running godlike masculinity Q


I find this Q version of godlike masculinity to work right away. It makes me want to do something productive and go earn money. I dont know how to explain it but when using it i feel this small fire in my belly or sacral chakra area. This energy is pushing me to action. Godlike masculinity Q raises the drive and ambition in me. I know its godlike masculinity because the only other thing im running right now is khan total breakdown.
This morning i was so lazy to get off the bed to work out in my backyard. Its dreary and rainy here. I listened to one loop of GM Q while in bed and by the end of the loop i felt this energy to get my ass off the bed and get going.


are you doing the ultrasonic or masked?


Masked are you using GM Q ??


GM… for the past 2 weeks or so… just hopped on to GM Q for a few days.

i keep the ultrasonic running in the background when im working…and then a few loops of masked…


Do you notice anything happening when running GM Q ? I myself only started using it a few days ago. These are just some early things I’ve noticed when running it


It makes you want to be productive and make money but you believe in chakras?


Yep I believe in chakras, ghosts, heaven and hell lol I used to be very spiritual, I’m not as much as I would like to be but I very much believe in chakras still


Just bought God Likr masculinity too, i will be following your thread closely :muscle::muscle:


I ran GLM for just a couple days and noticed effects immediately. The most noticeable was deepening voice.


GLM is highly underrated it was one of the most powerful stacking modules ever created by subclub. By simply adding this stacking module to your main product you will amplify your results by ten fold.


How long is GLM Q?


The masked version is 60 mins I suspect the ultras are the same lenght of time. The stacking module amplifies your god status to a point where you will feel like you are an immortal walking amongst mortals.


Both masked and ultrasonic are exactly 30 minutes long.


Could stacking GLM with just QL be a good idea?


completely agree


@FireInTheSoul the million dollar question one has to ask is what is your ultimate goal ?


I like learning and I do it often so that’s why QL. I thought of adding GLM, because I’ve always been curious to explore or further develop more of my masculine traits. I have no hard-set goals here. That is also why I don’t want to add another major program. I want to be mainly focused on QL.


I just purchased GLM Q. Will be stacking it with Emp Q. Let’s see how it goes.


good combo…all the best…


Sounds good FireintheSoul please go ahead and stack GLM and reap the benefits of this powerful stacking module.