What is the difference between Primal and Sex & Seduction?


They both help you with women… what sets them apart?


Primal: let’s you feel inner cocky confidence that is attractive to women

S&S: on the job learning, outer coaching for speaking to women.

Primal Seduction: inner and outer game


Funny you mention S&S. Not many talk of it now and I think that’s because it’s essentially superseded by Primal Seduction which combines Primal and S&S.


So Primal would be better for like going into discord and start roast battles against people with insane word magic?
Or do u think ascension will be better for that?


I’d like to get into some discordant insane word magic roast battles. Sounds like fun. That concept could make for a nice improv comedy game.



Looks pretty interesting and fun.


This was called ‘snapping’ when I was a kid.