What if one's mind is wired differently?


Something I’ve been wondering about a lot while using subs is how they work on people whose minds are “wired” differently. To explain, I’m fairly certain I either have or are bordering on Aspergers. It makes me difficult at expressing emotions, but it also increases my mental faculties to the point where I learn faster, can associate pretty much anything to anything and can recall the most obscure facts that I once long ago heard. All in all, even though my social skills are lacking, my mental acuity is amplified (as is often the case with people in that particular range in the autistic spectrum).

As a result, I take a great interest in how the mind works and what makes us tick. Mainly because I want nothing more than to have healthy social relationships. Subliminals affect the subconscious mind and that makes them of particular interest to me. I really wish I could be more involved in this field. What I’ve noticed is that my mind can literally slam a door whenever there are suggestions that I wouldn’t want to agree with, and I always have to remind myself when listening to subs that I’m seeking to improve and am willing to accept and integrate any suggestion that help me work towards that goal. Otherwise, slam!

Long story short, I’m wondering if there’s been any research into how subs affect people whose minds are like this? People like me, or people with OCD or ADD and so on. Most of them have missing or misfiring synapses, and they will at some level influence the subconscious.


This is a very interesting question - looking forward to the responses . If you search this forum, you will find a chap who has cerebral palsy but the subliminals worked for him.


I have ADHD with comorbid PDD-Nos(which i frankly don’t believe myself(well Pdd-nos).

For me personally

  1. The stimulation of Subliminal that most people find too much, I don’t even find stimulating on here.
  2. I study at University level, limitless 2 has helped me retained and improved my short term memory, and recall a bit(notieable with studying). I am using Ritalin(Methylphenidate) and Modafinil though.
  3. I’m a person that likes to go to the gym, but after 6-7 emotional thoug months I couldn’t find energy or motivation to go, at one point I started again with the thoughts of going to the gym.
    (Centurion for a week + 3 Spartan Loops, got me into gym mood and removed minor resistances to going to the gym.
  4. Although I have not quit fully, I have the idea Regeneration and Emperor have had a positive influence on my Weed smoking habits.(I realized it’s a crutch, that should be used as a last resort to calm my mind).
    5.Regeneration has helped me heal, how-ever unlike most people here, I think because I already did extensive self-exploration(damn that sounds so wrong) —> I didn’t have much ‘deep’ shit coming up, regeneration helped me when I was doing active self-exploration, and getting rid of stuck trauma energy, limiting beliefs, or stupid faulty thinking patterns this in combination with meditation, journalling(kinda went off track with that one) and/or mindfullness or gratitude journalling.

Has made tremendous impact on my happiness.

Which leads me to your actual question.
Yes, it has had positive effects on me. How-ever I knew game since I was 15, I am 30 now. I have had many many many rejections, and I was like you I didn’t understand social interactions at all.

  1. Why drink beer in the weekends?
  2. Why and how do people have fun when going out?
  3. Why do people talk like that to eachother, (I saw friendly teasing as bullying).

I figured all this out, with help of coaches several programmes and many many rejections.

If I can learn it, or even worse cases like Owen Cook(Tyler Durden). You should be able to learn it aswell

What do you want to know bro? Most of this is self-imposed beliefs, and your journey will destroy them little by little.

Is it going to be emotionally, or cognitive easy NO? It won’t it will be fucking stressfull. But like a big fucking cliche you will be glad that you did it after.

I can relate with you on this, my therapist thought I might be on the lower end of the spectrum.

The emotional side of interactions has been the biggest challenge for me. My “game” when it comes to talking to girls is almost nonexistent and very nice guy-ish.
Id be interested to know if you’ve used the attraction and social subs and if that has made a difference for you talking to women and “flirting”.

Best regards