What if I can't remember my dreams?


I can’t recall ever being able to remember my dreams. Well, sort of.

You know how they say that in dreams we tend to go through our daily routine? Although there’s usually something weird that in the dream seems like the most normal thing ever. Like flying pigs.

For me, there’s a slight difference. Right around the time I’m about to wake up, I become semi-lucid in my dream. I’m able to guide, not control, the direction it takes. Plus, they’re always blockbuster movies. We’re talking Jason Statham/Jack Bauer style action. One time I came around being chased in a building somewhere and since I now had a measure of control, I needed to “write” myself an escape. Sometimes I find myself in a really bad place, like losing all the people I’ve cared for or being in a jail cell with no escape. In those extreme cases I have to change the story by rewriting its reality, which can take several tries since I don’t have complete control and the story tries to course correct my revisions. Wouldn’t call them nightmares, but I’m definitely telling myself to please wake up from it.

Anyway, I can write those parts down and likely make quite an accomplished writer. But I never seem to be able to remember the rest of it. How it started, what happened in the previous sleep cycles and why is it always crazy stuff?

Since subliminals can cause a lot of teaching moments in dreams, do you guys have any tips on how to start remembering them? I’ve tried sleeping with a journal next to me to write everything down, I’ve tried waking up in the middle of the night and going back to sleep, I’ve tried telling myself to remember my dreams, with or without an aid (like drinking a glass of water before going to sleep while telling myself to remember my dreams with every sip). Nothing seems to have any improvement.


How about https://www.subliminalclub.com/product/dreams-supercharge-your-creativity-intuition-emotional-healing/

The only problem is the missing Dream Journal, that hasn’t been released yet.


When I look at the description, I see only mentioning of it making your dreams more vivid and more functional, nothing about actually helping to remember them.