What i really want


When I read the titles subclub makes I often think, wow, I want this. So I buy it, it is cool. I like these guys so I support them. Even if I listen just to the sub for a week then not again.

So recently I wanted to buy another sub and I was imagining what my life would be like, in this case, I wanted to buy ascension. So I felt like while imagining it people respecting me more. Have I ever felt like I was not respected…sometimes. Sometimes it just happens shrug. But most of the time everything is cool. I also felt like I would feel powerful inside of myself, something that would make me stand straight, chest open and puffed out, feel firmly grounded and not afraid. But also for other people, I imagine i would be less approachable more serious, bit intimidating. Butting heads with others who are in a position of power or who don´t like me…I don´t want other people to fear me…or hate me…nor do I want to be alone.

I have erected walls around myself to lessen the effect of the suffering and disappointment I felt throughout the years. At the same time, I also am afraid to tear down the walls to let my true self come out and let others in. Do I want to be the guy that I dream of that concept that one day will end my pain. In truth this just gives me hope that one day this pain will be over.

No matter how cheesy, I just want to be loved by the people I like. Also, a job that fulfills me as much as possible. For others I want to make other people happy, not because I feel I should but because it is the most beautiful and joyful way to live life.


I hear ya.

Ascension was superb in building an alpha personality that said “do not fuck with me”, but I could feel myself coldly separating from others which I didn’t like.

As long as you feel fulfilled, however that happens, it’s all good. Just strike a balance between “making others happy” and yourself. Never lose sight of your own path and purpose.


I am curious how come you are most interested about Ascension and not other subliminals like Stark, Emperor, Khan?

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Ascension feels almost like instant alpha juice. Want a shot of masculinity? Take a shot of ascension . I know subliminals don’t work like that or like pheromones but the closest thing to almost instant results I would say is ascension. It works very fast


Hi Michel, yeah I can imagine that would create distance between you and others. Losing that approachable vibe sounds like an created imbalance. Thanks for the advice.

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Hello Friday,

Ascension was just something that popped up in my mind. I’m not more interested in it compared to other subs. Was just bored at home and checked it out.

I am interested in other subs you mentioned. I have ran Khan St1 for 50 days i suppose, I like Khan, it made me feel more like the old me. Very sociable, reaching out to friends and making lots of plans to do fun stuff. Automatically approaching very cute girls. Feeling mischievous when they smile and make eye contact and give me that look. Those moments make me feel so alive. Best experience so far.

Emperor I have not bought it yet, but it doesn’t really seem to fit me. The sales page sounds awesome btw.

Starkq I bought this sub, I felt the changes very quickly starkQ experience

Great great to hear that you notice the results
quickly Grimm1390 and all the best with the challenges. I will be reading what you decide to share.

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