What helps with anxiety, being more relaxed and happy?



I’m wondering what subs help best with anxiety, stress and being more relaxed and happy.

I’ve read that regeneration brings up a lot of mental stuff that was burden so I guess this may be a good program to release all the suppressed emotions and traumas. Maybe Sanguine for and Reborn would help in this case too.

Any advice?



Ascended Mogul + Rebirth + Limit Destroyer is what helped me with an almost decade old anxiety. That stack worked great for me. I can’t comment on Regeneration. I started using it just a few days ago.


thanks, I’m using this stack now. AM + Rebirth + Limit Destroyer

What I’ve experienced so far is that my sleep is really bad while listening to it. Is this normal?


My sleep has been normal using that stack. Outside of crazy dreams here and there.