What happens when you start with "Action-Stage"?


I wonder what would happen if you bought for example EoG and listened to stage 3 and/or 4, the stage that lets you take massive action, without listening to the others before?
Will you get effects? Could you listen again from st1 on, once you have achieved what you wanted like most people do, without any consequences?
I am asking because I am in a situation where I dont have much time and got to make shit happen ASAP.
I think @AMASH would give very solid adivce on this



Interested to know about your situation.

Do you need to become a millionaire overnight?

Hope you can try out ST3 and tell me your results.


Good question. I quit my job, now I need to make shit happen.
Never did business before and there is much to do. I dont want laziness to come in my way.
I dont need to become a millionaire right now, but I got to do the work and make it happen.
I am currently listening to Emperor right now, my opinion on it is splitted to be honest. Think Ill talk more about my experiences in my next journal entry or so


Emperor works differently for different people. Some people may have it fast , some very slow like me.

I have lots of interesting prospects in the pipeline from listening to Emperor and a lot of things to oversee but these are very long-term actions which will appear to create synergies. Emperor doesn’t seem to be helping me so much with regard to short-term goals so far.

I am thinking of going either into EOG ST3 or Mogul after my 90 days of Emperor.


Similar experiences. It is like… It’s hard to pinpoint. Sometimes, like today, I would listen and a little bit later I would be more confident than before. But in general, I havent become any more confident since I started listening. I actually think the opposite is the case. Now whats good is this laser-effect. I can focus on what I want, i.e. my business, and shut everything else completely off. I dont care about it anymore.
But still I feel like… its not really getting me somewhere. The effects are so… uncontrollable.
Also I dont get why the ultrasonic version doesnt work for me. This is really strange.