What happened to the Subliminal Club main website?


It appears, at least temporarily, to have become a Japanese language sales site.


Working fine for me.


It is still the Japanese site both from my computer and my phone.


Here is a screenshot I took just now:


I don’t doubt you but I am still getting the Japanese language site both on the phone and computer.


Could you either try a different internet connection, or maybe say which country you are in? Maybe your IP range has something to do with it, or the DNS propagation didn’t reach you yet, maybe the website was updated or changed hosts recently.

Or maybe it’s a sign you should go to Japan and get some fine girls, powering your natural charm with ssv2.1 :smiley:


I am in the United States. The internet connections are through different providers on phone and computer, both in the United States, though.

I should probably go to Japan.


I’d put up a screen shot but it doesn’t look like the Sub Results site hosts images?




Huh… I see what you mean.

We’ll get on it ASAP.

Please do not click on anything there, for your own safety.


That is what I am getting on the phone.


We found out what happened.

Please do not click on anything there.

We are working full time to fix this.

Thank you for informing us right away guys. :slight_smile:


Looks ok to me. Hope its not some malware wrecking havoc on your phone.

P.S just seen Sovereign message guess it’s been fixed :slight_smile:


As an update, I am still seeing the Japanese language site on both Phone and Computer.


The SC site is back on my phone.


Also back up on my computer but it isn’t looking quite right. I am getting some html along with what I should be seeing.

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Yes, we are fixing it as we speak.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Site fixed. The server that housed the SubClub site was hacked. Your personal details are safe, as it was just a basic “redirect” hack. Credit card details aren’t stored on our site at all – Stripe processes the payment, then discards it.