What does sexual energy feel like in the body?


I was wondering what does sexual energy feel like for you guys ? Is it just one feeling or can it feel different from person to person ? When im on a long nofap streak ive noticed and again now since i been on khan this famliar feeling is starting to settle into my body. What is this feeling ? I can best desribe it as a fire or warm energy in my private area. It feels like a ball of energy or fire is in that area. Is that what sexual Energy is ? A fire feeling coming from your penis region ?


it is funny …I often feel the sexual energy rushing to my third eye chakra ,my eyes ,my eyebrows and my nose bridge…when I meditate on that…not only will I feel warm but vibrating…it is really comfortable and pleasant feeling in general…I also feel like my sexual energy is flooding out from my eyes and third eye areas …the best way to describe it。it‘s like projecting outward…I like it…


It feels like my body is alive. You know how when you fap and binge you feel numb to emotions and life? Instead This fire type of energy in my groin makes me feel alive just the opposite. When you say projecting through your eyes do you mean your eyes give off a sensual look ?


yes…and more than that…just feel like I am projecting my presence onto the world…I feel like having a greater impact on the external world…it is really hard to explain…like there is a link between me and the world that pleasant feeling…you can just feel it…when you put a word on it…it diminishes…so…that is the best I can do…probably some one else could do better…