What does everyone think of this Ultimate Healing custom sub?


The objective of this custom sub is to heal from:

  1. all previous traumas experienced
  2. any emotions associated with aforementioned trauma or otherwise
  3. energetic blockages that prevent spiritual healing

Cores: (3)
Khan St 1
Alchemist St 1

Modules: (11)

  1. Rebirth
  2. New Beginnings
  3. Blue Skies
  4. Unlimiter
  6. ARES
  7. Inner Voice
  8. Information Releaser
  9. Attachment Destroyer
  10. Gratitude Embodiment
  11. Energetic Development XI

Results Enhancers: (6)

  1. Yggdrasil
  2. The Merger of Worlds
  3. Pragya
  4. Omnidimensional
  5. The Architect
  6. DEUS

All feedback is much appreciated, especially from @SaintSovereign and/or @Fire since you guys know how these modules would link up with each other.


This definitely seems to be very powerful and profound healing subliminal

I am not sure though if all those healing modules will enhance each other or do the opposite. It might be better to have a less dense sub with only 2-3 healing modules or maybe even to create a multistage as at the beginning of your journey you may need different modules like Ares and I am and later only modules like Februus and Blue Skies.


There’s no need to have Khan stage 1 or Alchemist stage 1 in this subliminal.

I’d say for ultimate healing and change in your personality the best way to go about things is to keep it streamlined. Ascension with Regeneration and all of the available healing modules, add to that naturalizer to make change more smooth.

Be prepared to redefine your reality.

Are you going to use this subliminal? I would suggest a whole other combination of modules.


Has the mods said anything to suggest the possibility that X number of healing modules will actually be counterproductive?

So in other words, leave only 2-3 healing modules and replace the rest with Result Enhancers?


By the way from what it looks like the Cores in itself are many times more dense then the actual Modules. Having all of the healing modules in there seems to be sufficient. No need to add in additional Cores such as Khan, that’s what ‘I Am’ is for, the non-tailored version of Khan Stage 1.


Ascension seems to have stuff not related to healing, which is not what this sub is about. Or am I wrong about this?

I am thinking of making a healing sub, to listen while practicing the exercises in the hermetic book. I am all ears to your suggestions.


I know that “I Am” is a huge part of Khan Stg 1, but I’m not sure which I should go with (if I’m selecting it). What are the non-“I AM” parts of Khan Stg 1?


Lots of healing, but healing of what?

Might want to give it some direction with either an included core module like Emperor OR run the healing custom sub + a separate Q sub like Ascension.

No idea if it is needed, just a thought.

Edit: Khan and Alchemist do provide direction.


I also created a Healing subliminal module list. (Not planning to use it for a while though, so it may change by the time I actually use it.)

I’ll paste it, for contrast.

Regeneration Q Core The core of the Regeneration Q subliminal that helps you heal from past trauma, negative beliefs and thoughts that hold you back.
Sanguine The well known stacking module can be utilized for your very own subliminal. Just as with the stacking module, you will completely trust yourself and always be completely unperturbed. You will be Sanguine.
ARES Weakness, doubt, guilt, shame and fear are the poisons that hold you back from achieving greatness. ARES is the antidote that purges them from you without mercy. Whatever the reasons, and no matter the source, these negative emotions and the traumas associated with them will be released.
FEBRUUS There are numerous things holding us back. False beliefs, emotions we didn’t let go of, past traumas… All of that can slow down the subliminal’s execution. With FEBRUUS, anything that is keeping you from becoming the most powerful, successful, attractive you is purified. When it comes to personal beliefs, it will not conflict with them – it will guide you to look at your personal beliefs and see them from more profound angles.
Gratitude Embodiment Gratitude for the things in your life can make you appreciate the gifts you have been given and the possibilities you are provided with. Furthermore, gratitude is a powerful emotion that can help open wider the ways for manifestation in your life, be it in regards to business, love, sports, or simply living. With this module, you will become a powerful beacon of gratitude and appreciation.
Growth Through Pain Painful situations, be they physical or emotional, can slow us down or even stop our progress for a while. Emotional distraughtness can make us doubt our path… With Growth Through Pain, any pain you feel will easily be converted into unending motivation to succeed and advance yourself towards any of your goals.
I AM A powerful breakdown module, a part of the well known ST1 of Khan – Total Breakdown. It will break down your negative beliefs, emotions, traumas, thoughts, and behaviours and make you more congruent with who you truly are. Furthermore, it will provide a strong push towards discovering more of who you are and what you need to do to become an individual who lives fully in his power. You will also stop defining yourself by your past, present or future, and become able to live in the moment in the fullest expression of you.
Information Releaser By using the Information Releaser you will release all repressed information you have in your subconscious mind, while also becoming fully aware of all information that is important for your self-development.
Joie de Vivre Enjoying life, loving your ambitions, having fun working towards your goals, walking your journey with joy. It is a great gift in life. Joie de Vivre helps you achieve this gift.
Love Without Attachment Love can get boggled down by numerous beliefs, attachments, emotions. Use this if you desire a pure love, where you can easily let go if needed. Loving freely, without attachment, is the greatest gift you can give someone. It will also help you in seduction and in letting go of people, such as when a break up occurs.
Naturalizer The more natural the changes that occur seem, the more easily you will accept them and the more swiftly you will progress. This is why sometimes there is the effect of delayed realization, where you take action, listen to the subliminal for a few months, and only then realize how massively you actually changed. This is the Naturalizer at work – using it will make this effect more powerful, and will result in a smoother journey of self-improvement.
Negative Energy Transmutation Any negative energy that comes at you, be it in the form of non self-aware toxicity, direct impulsive attacks, or even more severe actions, easily is repurposed into positive energy that makes you more powerful, more capable, successful and happy.
Negativity Displacer The Displacer is a profound technology allowing the listener to instantly, on the spot, when the emotion is created, instead of remembering it and creating further traumas or expressing it in possibly hurtful ways, replace it with a positive emotion that can then be expressed in a powerful way. For example, a moment filled with emotions of weakness, anxiousness and helplessness while having a public speaking event can instantly be transformed into a moment of power, confidence and calm that will completely change the situation. The possibilities are truly endless.
New Beginnings New Beginnings is a module designed to dig to the deepest, darkest corners of your psyche, in order to deal with your innermost secrets and fears that you never even knew existed. Issues such as Imposter Syndrome can have extremely deep roots – and New Beginnings is the tool to dig such weeds out. Furthermore, New Beginnings will bring any such issues, secrets, fears or beliefs that are held in the deep layers of your subconscious to the forefront of your awareness and question them, causing you to become more true to yourself and what you believe in.
Spiritual Freedom Sometimes we can feel like life is bleak, lacking the inner glow that we love so. We can feel constricted in our current beliefs, or perhaps we haven’t even thought about there being something more. Use this module to expand your horizons and allow yourself to experience a fuller spectrum of reality. It will help bring back the bliss of being into your life and make it much more colorful.
Stress Displacement Stress has negative effects on our spiritual, mental and physical health. It is no wonder that we unconsciously attempt to relieve stress in so many different ways. Now there is an efficient way of doing so, by easily removing all feelings of stress and replacing it with positive feelings.
Blue Skies Originally not intended for release, Blue Skies is a profound module allowing the user to glimpse the hidden depths of reality, the secrets about himself he might have been hiding, develop his concept of “Love” – any kind of love, such as unconditional or romantic, and any type, be it internal or external (such as self love), as well as using such seeing beyond the physical veil to take the user’s cognitive, artistic/creative and spiritual abilities to the next level. Now available and useable for the public, Blue Skies can give your subliminal a distinct take that will push your growth continously.
Rebirth The Rebirth stacking module – available for your very own subliminal, helping you to let go of the things holding you back and be reborn as a man of power.

So, that’s the one I originally made. Now I think I would add in MOSAIC.

I see the purpose of MOSAIC as being a kind of unifying agent, when you are including either very contrasting or very diverse ingredients. A little bit like dough or like a soup base when cooking. It holds everything together. While these modules are all technically about ‘healing’, they are also pretty diverse in the specific jobs they are doing.


As stated, the goals of the sub are:

  1. all previous traumas experienced (hence Renegeration + Khan Stg 1)
  2. any emotions associated with aforementioned trauma or otherwise (hence Renegeration)
  3. energetic blockages that prevent spiritual healing (hence Alchemist Stg 1)


Should have read the first post properly xD


It feels like Naturalizer makes profound changes less noticeable in a short period of time, in exchange for a more smooth experience. Personally I’d like to see the changes “as it is”.

I always thought Mosiac provides a boost when stacking it with another sub, for integration. But it has no effect on the modules within a subliminal itself.

edit: Reason why I left out Rebirth is because it’s already a part of Regeneration.


No problemo, would love to hear your thoughts.


That would be a pretty interesting (and powerful) undertaking.

Viewed in that light, I can see why you included some of the modules that you did (like Merger of Worlds, Pragya, and definitely The Architect).

hahha. I’m reminded of the Cleric-type character from fantasy novels I read as a child. Someone who develops healing power to a superlative degree.

I like your combination.

I think it could work.

One cautionary point that comes to my mind: When doing hermetic work, particularly at a deep level, it is a good idea to have some sort of trusted support people in your sphere. Not to necessarily control or direct your path, but who you can call on when you get into the hairier aspects of the mind.


Why no healing towards money and wealth? Or does Khan have it?

I went through the 4 stages of EoG last year. Currently my belief is that being wealthy is good for you and everyone else. I mean, with better resources you can have more impact in making the world a better place.

So it’s kind of selfish to NOT be wealthy/rich :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Same reason why there’s no healing Physically. I am of the opinion that a lack of physical and wealth abundance is an effect of the emotions, mentality, energetic imbalances from previous experiences perceived to be traumatic.

Once these get sorted out, it would be a lot easier to heal from poverty/disease if those areas even need it.


Then I am really screwed… I only contact The Ancient One aka @Hermit on the interwebz… and that’s just 1 person…


Yes! :slight_smile: That was definitely a style choice, of my own bias.

In the Daoist schools, it is sometimes said that there are the Fire and Water approaches. The former leans toward decisive, vigorous application of the masculine Will. The latter works more through organic consistency and persistence of Presence over time. I lean toward the latter (most of the time).

Interesting point. I personally imagine it having ‘Inter-’ and ‘intra-’ effects. But, I can see your point based on the actual textual description of the module to ‘use when stacking with other subliminals’ (or something similar to that).



I expect your sense of humor will also be a powerful protective factor along your path.


Okay hold up… why would I need a powerful protective factor? I just read the book. Does The Great Work involve interactions with entities that exist outside the physical plane? :astonished: