What can i expect from [StarkQ+EOG+EmperorQ together]?

what can i expect from [ StarkQ+EOG+EmperorQ together] ?

My main focus is on wealth and financial abundance, a particular skill, work on my goals, LOA master.

Suggest subliminals and boosted for completing above goals.


Did you run subclub subliminals before? If you did how long and which ones?

just started yesterday. i ran StrakQ 1 loop and EOG 1 loop
currently listening to StarkQ

I would listen to one or the other at first for atleast 2-3 months before you add the other in. Emperor and Stark are huge subs and kind of clash because of the goals and the archetypes they are. I would get used to one then if you feel like you are missing something that the other offers then add it in.

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Just go slow and easy i would suggest you start with emperor first for atleast 3 months…then decide to add simply because emperor is a really dense subliminal andvery challenging to run especially for a person new to subclub.
The ideal situation would be to run Ascended Mogul for 3 months then transition to emperor in which the transition will be very much smooth.


Lol atleast you get the smooth emperor i remember running emperor as my first sub back in oct 2018. The journey for 2 months was tough to say the least lol but after i got shiny object syndrome and jumped around, it was like taking 10 steps at once and missing one of those steps lol.

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so should i leave others and start running emperor ?

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yes Emperor or Stark first for 1-3 months
I would say Emperor because it builds a really strong foundation.

Pick depending on which product description calls to you more.
They are both very accurate to what the sub will transform you into.

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i’ll checkout the emperor’s discription and will proceed further. Thank you
BTW i ran Strak and EOG yesterday and i am feeling setteled in myself.
emperor has no stages right ?

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You are correct, @seeklight. Emperor is just one complete single stage subliminal.

Any other subs or supercharger which i can run along with EmperorQ ?
btw its my 2nd day running subclub subs

Get The Executive Ultima quick! It’s free for a little while now. You need good headphones to play that though


@Lion thanks i’ll combine it with Emperor. Do you also run Emperor?


I’m still new to SubClub, I started my journey the 2nd day of this month. I can definitely advise running Emperor solo for at LEAST two months (I’m assuming) because after the first week I began to feel the cerebral effects and its a bit heavy.

That might also be because I was running Primal Seduction with it starting the second week, though.

I’m adding Aura after this rest break, but I’m going to wait to add Exec and PS probably at the start of the year.

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Not yet. But am seriously considering it. I have run Khan extensively and also run StarkQ for a while but feel that I could use the self-discipline of Emperor

Ran EmperorQ for the first time and Ultima Executive. And now this happend.