What can I expect from EOG st1?


Alot has been going on in life.

I must focus on Financial side immediately.

What all changes do I expect from EOG st1?


You’re doing it again…
Just focus on wealth consciously and your current sub (Khan i suppose) will aid you


You need to improve your financial situation immediately and you choose a four stage sub? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Jumping subs won’t help you @mecharc. Fear can be powerful and even motivating, but it very rarely tells you the truth. Hang in there. It’s your responsibility to yourself.


How long have you been using your current stack? And what is your stack exactly?


Khan since October, QL since Jan + a stacking module



I don’t wine about lack of results anymore though :see_no_evil:


Needing to improve is one thing, and focusing is another :joy:


EoG stage 1 will support your focus on Wealth and Finance issues.

You will be inspired with ideas of how to learn information and skills related to wealth acquisition and of how to expose yourself to experts and role models in this area.

These aspects of your identity will strengthen and develop.

Self Development Road Map

I love you brother!!!


As long as you don’t ask for a sub that creates stability in your life, I don’t think we have one strong enough. :wink: