What can I expect from EOG st1?


Alot has been going on in life.

I must focus on Financial side immediately.

What all changes do I expect from EOG st1?


You’re doing it again…
Just focus on wealth consciously and your current sub (Khan i suppose) will aid you


You need to improve your financial situation immediately and you choose a four stage sub? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Jumping subs won’t help you @mecharc. Fear can be powerful and even motivating, but it very rarely tells you the truth. Hang in there. It’s your responsibility to yourself.


How long have you been using your current stack? And what is your stack exactly?


Khan since October, QL since Jan + a stacking module



I don’t wine about lack of results anymore though :see_no_evil:


Needing to improve is one thing, and focusing is another :joy:


EoG stage 1 will support your focus on Wealth and Finance issues.

You will be inspired with ideas of how to learn information and skills related to wealth acquisition and of how to expose yourself to experts and role models in this area.

These aspects of your identity will strengthen and develop.

Self Development Road Map

I love you brother!!!


As long as you don’t ask for a sub that creates stability in your life, I don’t think we have one strong enough. :wink:


Would you say EOG is much stronger than Mogul?


I think that ‘stronger’ is not quite the right word.

I think it would be more appropriate to say ‘larger’.

You’re the one who will become stronger.

If you go to the gym is the 40 pound dumbbell stronger than the 20 pound dumbbell? No, it’s heavier. And as you continue to use them both, you will grow stronger.

Even if we switch the metaphor and think of the subliminal as fuel or gas, is high-octane gas ‘faster’ than low-octane? No. It is more potent, concentrated. (In this sense, you could say it’s stronger, like strong coffee .) Your car may go faster using it, if you’ve invested in the right car.

I started from Ecstasy of Gold. It happened synchronistically. I didn’t even know Mogul existed at that point. I heard about Alchemist through word-of-mouth and I thought it sounded amazing so I visited the sub club website. One of the first programs I saw was Ecstasy of Gold. I read the entire description several times and felt that it aligned perfectly with my current life goals and priority, so I immediately made the decision to work with it.

Later, I joined the discussion forum and gradually began to read posts here. Then I read that Mogul and Ascended Mogul were good programs to use to get you into a place where Ecstasy of Gold might work better. Mogul can improve your car so that when you get the high-octane fuel in Ecstasy of Gold, it does more for you. Well, that’s what I’ve read. I’ve never used Mogul. I guess if I’d read that sooner, I would have started with 3-6 months of Mogul first. Then 6 months of Emperor, and then Ecstasy of Gold.


on the other hand, that might not have been necessary. I’m really patient when it comes to things that really matter to me. I always figure ‘well, three years will pass whether I do things correctly or incorrectly, so might as well do them correctly.’ Often because of that I move more slowly than is necessary. So maybe starting from EoG was a good idea for me, since 1) it was a bolder decision than I’d usually make and 2) I seem to (sometimes) have the patience to stick with a gradual process until results come. Not always, mind you. I’ve given up on things too, but I do seem to stick with things quite a bit longer than average.

Either way, I think I had less dramatic results at the beginning. I think it took about 5 months to really start kicking in for me. I was pretty busy with work projects, so I wasn’t concerned.