What are the best subs for making YouTube videos with more Confidence

Hi, I am new out here. I do have experience with the Emperor for a few months. I am a Personal Finance Professional

I wanted Subliminal recommendations from your’l, for helping me become more skillful in Creating impactful YouTube videos and Engaging Webinars.

My Confidence in front of camera for YouTube presently is 3 out 10, on a scale of 10

I now want to be more creative, confident and engaging with my audience.

Also want to start a Youtube channel to monetize by creating short educational videos on Personal Finance.

I have Fear, self-doubt and am judgemental about how people will react to my videos.

I want to be a Bold, Creative, Impactful Youtube speaker, with a good sense of natural humor and do it more in a conversational style. I want to bring the same fun and humor to the videos when I am with friends.

I love Ted talk speakers and want to communicate well on videos like them.

Will StarkQ be enough for all above or should I add PrimalQ or PSQ or AscensionQ be needed to overcome the self doubt, hesitation and fear and help with creativity and humour for making YouTube videos.

Would you suggest to listen to all the above Subs, 2 Subs Every alternate day with a rest day in between. To Give me the high confidence, natural humor and creativity boost.



Based on your creative and finance requirements, I personally feel that the best stack for you is Renaissance Man + Ascended Mogul OR Renaissance Man + StarkQ.

Ascended Mogul and StarkQ will help you with confidence, money, and business skills.

Renaissance Man will help you with creativity, learning the various skills needed for making your youtube channel and expressing yourself in any medium.


StarkQ + Renaissance Man is an excellent recommendation!


I second this Recommendation


Thanks, Raphael for your valuable suggestions, They helped me to shortlist options. I Will apply the same


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Thanks, Valygar for seconding the selection



Thanks, Floridianninja for seconding this selection

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