Weird dream on Regeneration


Hey guys so I had a dream last night that was pretty weird. I was running Regeneration (Masked) while was sleeping. In the dream for some reason my mother had to have my child. Like give birth to it… I guess she was pregnant for me for some reason. I wasn’t there for the birth but when I finally saw the child and talked to it and it was already a like at least 1 years old and was saying parts of words. Then I woke up. Any interpretation or ideas on why I had this dream.


I’ll abstain from the usual jokes here. Are you certain it was your child, not you? In other words, maybe the child was you and you were able to communicate with it? That’s usually more how dreams work.


I have no idea what it might mean but I am betting it serves some healing purpose. The subs certainly have sent me some strange dreams as well, though during my three months of running Regeneration, I don’t recall many.