Weird Buzzing Sensations


Being listening to Khan TB since last week and weird things are happening. I hear a ringing in my ear, It lasts about a 2 seconds and just a while ago I felt a weird buzz like around the back of my brain. Anybody ever felt anything similar? If so what is it?


If you are listening to the ultrasonic version it probably means the volume is too loud and you got tinnitus.


Good to know the ultrasonic works. Thanks


I play my Ultrasonics on 2/15 of the volume, but even 1/15 works.
If you want to heal the damage done to your ears, search on youtube for “Ear healing audio”, there is plenty out there. I had the same issue and it helped me to reverse the damage.


If I hear a static sound while listening to the ultrasonic, that’s fine right. I don’t have the ringing sound when not listening to the subs


With X versions i can hear a static sound when i playing them loud. With Khan i cant hear the static sound unless everything is at full volume


How are you listening? Through earbuds? If not is the buzzing sound coming from overpowering the speaker? Ultrasonics are strong so it can do that. Turn it down and use frequensee. Also compare your measurements with another audio analyzer to see the difference in readings.


I listen to it on my phone, no earbuds or head phones. Frequensee is telling me it is at -50 dB. Nothing near -20 right?


I need to hear the buzzing sound on max volume to get -60dB lol


Do you have Dolby or Dsp settings on your phone? If so try turning those off. Even on the highest volume the phone shouldn’t be too loud for your ears anyways. Also the mic that is measuring the volume is close to the speaker.


@ExploringAstronaut Can you please give me the link to the track that you used to heal your Ears because I am afraid that I too have damaged my ears and I cant stop using the EOG because it has been my lifeline. Thanks in advance