[weight loss] Preventing hanging lose skin


I have lost a lot of weight using my wanted custom and i want to continue with emperor. Thing is, I would like to prevent hanging skin as much as possible.

So for my next emperor sub, i am looking for the following:

  • Wanted helped me eat less and healthy.
  • Wanted made me exercise effortlessly
  • Wanted shifted bones in my body and face
  • Prevent hanging skin as much as possible

I already thought of some modules like Apollon and some SPS/APS, but would appreciate your take on this? Add Spartan or emp fitness?


Spartan for discipline
EF for Muscle growth.

I’ve used EMP + Spartan for Monk mode, and it works fantastically because it enforces discipline. Spartan is my preference.


SPS: Integumentary System might help with hanging skin issue if you didn’t add it already.


Spartan will help you much more in terms of discipline and going harder at the gym, EF is mainly for physical shifting, it doesn’t have as much scripting for other things, though some people will experience some “alphanesss” due to the sudden balancing of the hormones.

Go for Spartan, combined with Emperor, it will do wonders for you.
Pick a good workout split that you can be consistent on, run the subs but don’t rely on them, focus on the fitness side with your actions, and watch yourself become someone people can’t help but accuse of using PEDs hahaha.

Also for the lose skin, I would have liked to give you advice, but I don’t have any knowledge on that, however, you could try supplementing with collagen, as I’ve noticed that it has been making my stretch marks look less “obvious” and slowly healing them for me.


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Loll. Awesome, ever since running wanted i have been digging natural bodybuilding. Exercising makes me happy when i am on it. Also intense workouts are interesting to me, any recommendations?

How did it enforce you to be more disciplined? What changes have you noticed?

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Depends on what kind of intensity you like :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want my top 3 workout programs, then they’re as follows:

  • FST-7

  • 5/3/1 BBB forever 5’s pro (might look easy on paper, but trust me, it will anal you :rofl:).

  • Controlled Overtraining; the principal is combination of several ones out there, and it’s my personal routine that I came up with, and it’s a bro split, however, it’s worse than overexposure on subs :rofl: