Wealth Supercharger


@SaintSovereign @Fire I know you two have a lot on your plate right now. Just curious as to when we may be getting a wealth supercharger, if one is still in the roadmap at all. I’d love something that could compliment EOG, and/or any and all programs that contain mogul scripting. I’d be interested in seeing what something like this could do since all the other Superchargers I’ve used so far seem to provide near instant results.


@SaintSovereign you know it makes sense… :wink:

Personally having being trained to expect less than the other members of family, that mind brainwashing sticks.

Anything that helps to install a conscious plan mind to expect more from life than scraping by would be very helpful.


Lmao damn according to the timing of the other thread, a bunch of us were thinking about it around the same time.


I’ve been thinking of the same thing.

I’m really appreciating the supercharger experience nowadays.

Commander complements the Leadership aspects of Emperor and Ecstasy of Gold. I too will love a supercharger that directly connects with the Abundance, Prosperity, and Resourcefulness of Vision aspects.


I’m sure Saint will be happy to hear it, superchargers have always been his babies. :slight_smile:

But if people don’t mind, I’d like to finally see Mind’s Eye first. Don’t make Saint jump onto new and shiny things until then.


YES YES YES Please !! My experience with Superchargers has been Magical just for short 8 mins of time, so much gets accomplished.

Some Wealth, Money, and Abundance Superchargers to Compliment Mogul and EoG would be Fantastic, can’t wait for the next launch.


Can you share your experiences?