Wealth Series / Track


Dear @Fire and @SaintSovereign

It seems the Sex and Seduction track is the most complete one you are offering.

So we have:

Primal: Inner Game
Sex and Seduction: Outer Game
Sex mastery X: Sexual Technique
Libertine: Sex and Seduction Mental Alchemy

However, in the wealth track, things are not so “evolved”. Just Mogul is not really enough, and Emperor is a different BEAST on its own, that is far too high for most people to aspire to.

Could you consider updating your roster with a Wealth track that is more detailed and similar to the Sex and Seduction track?

So we can have:

Wealth Inner Game: Similar to Primal but geared into shattering all limiting beliefs, behaviors, wrong thoughts, getting mentors, more opportunities etc
Money Outer Game: Naturally learning how to make money, seeing more opportunities everywhere, becoming more connected, etc etc
Sales Mastery X: Where you naturally become more influential one on one, and through the written and spoken words. Where you can more easily know people’s needs and what they want, and how to give it to them, and how to make win-win sales and almost be able to detect who will be a good prospect and who won’t
Midas: Money and Wealth Mental Alchemy, similar to Libertine

What do you guys think?


I believe the wealth track will be getting an update soon enough. The mission for 2019 seems to be upgrading all the previous subliminals to Primal Tech and releasing masked versions. They can’t upgrade tracks to Primal Tech without Primal being out yet.

Also you forgot Ascended Mogul, which is also part of the wealth track.

Certain goals you’ve mentioned could also be achieved via a pairing with Limitless.


Thank you @Alexander for you input, it is very valuable. And I hope just like the second half of 2018 was the Sex & Seduction one. I hope the first part of 2019 will be Wealth focused.

I don’t consider Ascended Mogul is part of the Wealth Track.

I believe there is a Social Dominance / Alpha track, which is

Ascension - Ascended Mogul - Emperor

That it is its own track.

Ascended Mogul to me is just adding some money to the Alpha track.


Even Emperor, it’s just so damn powerful and hard to handle it should have it’s own track.

Like Emperor I - Emperor II - Emperor III - Emperor Extreme

I am also thinking about this because I am so sure @Fire has learned so much since Mogul, after creating Emperor and Limitless and Primal, that if he’s do a wealth track now, it would be much much better than what already he already created in the past.


Well observed. I’ve paired Emperor with Mogul to hopefully add some intensity to the wealth manifestation modules. Still early days but ideas are flowing and the motivation to learn and evolve in the industry is immense, with interesting synchronicities and increased energy.


We’ll be revisiting the wealth track very soon — I’m amazed at how “clean” PrimalTech and Dominion (build method) feels in Primal.


I agree, I am so impressed with how clean it is too.

I hope this is not too much work to ask, when you revisit previously released subs, could you please issue a build of Limitless and SSv2.1 in Dominion? Not asking to change the scripts or anything like that, just a rebuild in Dominion because it is really blowing my mind how clean it is. And it will be sad to have older subs in Dominion but not the newer ones.

So a Dominion Limitless and S&S will be incredible. Then Dominion can be the standard across all your products (and maybe going further than Dominion in the future)!


With the way they have been upgrading the technology for these subliminals. I am sure there will be new tech that they mention next year that is even better then how it is now.