Wealth and Brainpower


My current custom centers around these 3 cores EOG, Mogul and QL in Terminus Squared Strength Level.

  1. EOG ST4 Q Core
  2. Mogul Core
  3. QL ST4 Q Core
  4. Intuition Enhancer
  5. IQ and Cognitive Booster
  6. Pragya
  7. Mosaic
  8. Atman
  9. Information Releaser
  10. Financial Success Reality Shifter
  11. Positive Being Attractor - Wealth
  12. Secrets of Akasha - Wealth
  13. Sultan
  14. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  15. Wealth Limit Destroyer
  16. Productivity Unleashed
  17. Inner Circle Q Core
  18. Carpe Diem Ascended
  19. Natural Winner
  20. Informaticon


Day 1

Wow the reconciliation hits hard. i felt sad and want to cry after my 1st loop. but i need to push through this to reach the promise land


I applaud you for going with T^2. Stay strong with reconciliation.


Day 2 observations

  • customers with loans start to pay up
  • my business focus doubled
  • negative self talk vanished and i think more like a winner
  • my memory improved
  • i explain better
  • old business friends that i rarely talk to these days want to catch up
  • i have multiple low to no cost new ideas for business improvement


Nice, want to build a similar custom but with Starkq or Asc-Mogul for mogul and q strength.

Wish you much progress


Congrats on the selection and best of luck with it! If I were to do a custom, it’d be very close to this, if not exactly the same. Although I probably won’t have the balls to go all the way to Terminus^2 :slight_smile:

Very interested in seeing how this works out for you!


i’ve had good results with EOG St4 and mogul before but i dont have enough time to listen to it because of the other wonderful subs of subclub thats why i decided to let this be my 1st custom :slight_smile: they go well together in my opinion


you should go full terminus squared in my opinion if you’re gonna invest in a custom of your liking. so as time passes by you get used to it and can manifest the results you’re after faster due to its strength. and the other thing i like about Q terminus squared i feel satisfied even if i only listened to 1 loop or 2 a day unlike the older tech subs


I see what you are saying, even though I don’t think I’m there yet in terms being prepared for T^2. Even with regular Terminus in Stark, I feel it is too strong for me and I’ve been having an easier time just using Q.

Even though T^2 is superior in effectiveness and strength, I don’t think it is for everyone. Same as an F1 car is faster and much more advanced than a regular one, yet few people would be able to drive it without crashing it before getting to their destination.


Day 3 Observations (2 loops)

  • manifesting big buyer customers, i thought this day is dull because the buying season is over in our business oh man i was wrong :joy: out of nowhere someone will either pay his balance or buy a lot of materials from us
  • i can handle business stress better than before
  • inner belief that i can succeed becoming more obvious
  • feelings of sadness are gone
  • my excitement in expanding our business is back
  • i noticed my ability to use my intuition in suggesting and what to say has improved


Day 6 Observations

  • i can grasp the topics that i read easier
  • met new friends that can help me in business
  • motivation in building my wealth is constantly increasing
  • when i need some info in a book i just know what page or chapter to go
  • improved discipline and consistency
  • felt more lucky than usual. lucky coincidences
  • i just know what to do next

i’ll do 3 loops tomorrow


How you went with 4 cores i thought 3 were possible


3 is recommended 4 is obviously possible. I think they recommended up to 3 bc it is a lot of info and the more cores the denser it is


Day 10 Observations (3 loops)

  • more unexpected sales as usual from old customers we rarely heard from
  • 1 of my ventures (streetwear brand) finally decides to launch this month after months of delays
  • i can grasp concepts easier than usual
  • my focus is on point
  • i just know what to choose and suggest (Intuition enhancer)
  • meeting new entrepreneur friends and old buddies reaching
  • im not as worried as usual in business and personal finances


Day 11 Observations (2 Loops)

  • a friend just called me out of the blue offering a product i can sell and gave me a good discount. very timely indeed
  • an old reliable and capable employee returns.
  • a bit tired after the 1st loop. took a nap then listened to another loop.


Anything new happen?


I am curious too…his journey was so amazing to read!


Quite repetitive bro thats why i decided to update every now and then but there are indeed interesting events that occur when listening to it.


Any cool or awesome updates?


Day 41 (2 Loops)

  • getting a lot of freebies and discounts lately (From Food to Health Supplements)
  • expense payments getting delayed which is good
  • “Sales DOUBLED” (Old Clients return, New Good Paying Clients)
  • I’m sharper than usual
  • Business partners behave better than usual (Word of honor being practiced often)
  • My intuition is stronger 80% right most of the time compared before
  • Better money management habits (Spends less than usual)
  • Old Veteran employees working for us again (Resigned before because of better job offers)
  • Im meeting new suppliers that has really competitive pricing
  • Packages are arriving earlier than usual without hassle
  • Less stressed about money
  • Motivated to learn new skills. (Right now im studying the works of Jay Abraham)
  • Employees behave better than usual (Less Absence and Whining)
  • Prices and Expenses became cheaper (Company Discounts and Chance Discounts)
  • I Negotiate better and Not afraid to say no or walk away from a Deal

this is my update after a few weeks. been busy lately