Watermark question

Hi, so I lurked enough to come across watermarks on subs and how if they lose watermark they could be useless entirely.

So, how does that happen? I seen that if you download it on a different device bla bla it can lose it.

I download it on 2 phones, my main phone and another one i might want to hear off of.

anyone give me some wisdom on this so I don’t end up listening for hours to a void subliminal ?

Never heard of it, where did you heard about it?

Since New Dawn version, all of subliminal have removed any piracy protection! So right now subs are not supposed to be protected or anything. Next step is to name embedded all of the subs to protect from sharing :ok_hand:

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Saw a thread where a dude asked if he and his girl can listen to the same product and the reply from the owner said that unless they listen off the same device at the same time they should buy two copies

The way Subliminal Club does it, you may use the subliminals you purchase from subliminalclub dot com, in whichever device you want. It won’t be void.

The custom sub you buy from the Q Store is name embedded so it will only work on the person whose name is embedded in the custom subliminal (with some minimal effects on others you expose such subs too). These customs too you can use on any device.

Now I don’t exactly know the technology of watermarking over here but I suppose that each sub made (whether they are titles from the SubClub store or the customs from the Q store, are all marked with the customer id in some way inorder to detect piracy incase such subs are later found circulating in pirated formats.

They will still work but there will surely be consequences for piracy.

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Amazing, thank you both

Yeah, per respect to the product ownership, but you can put your sub on your different devices no problem. :wink:

@Lion thank you


Yup. SaintSovereign and Fire are reasonable people but not naive.

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Is there scripting that programs you to invalidate all you hear as soon as you reasonably believe you are “cheating” like some competitors have? No.

Is there a way for SubClub to be able to identify if a sub found on the net is one of theirs? Yes.

So we expect you to play fair so we’re not forced to spend our time resorting to such measures and can instead.focus on creating more value. It’s a win-win.


i wouldn’t do that, yes I’m new but I’m out to improve myself.

I understand you though

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