Water & Results


Do we need to drink water frequently for the subliminal to be effective? It is often repeated in the subliminal community that this is the case.


Water has nothing to do with the subliminal. It has everything to do with general health. Just don’t dehydrate yourself. Drink enough water for your brain and body to function properly.


I read about the water idea, too. So, I downloaded the PDF which comes with the subliminal club products. I did not find anything about drinking water. As Acer said, don’t dehydrate yourself. Getting enough water is useful for general health.


Whether you run subs or not, aren’t you going to stay well hydrated?


Yes, I try to. However soon I’ll be doing some dry fasting so this point intrigued me.


I have never slammed water down like I do now since I started with the subs from SC, Holy shit man, I run my stack as I sleep then for another two hours in the morning then let it rest the rest of the day, I listen again when I meditate then no more til I go to sleep with taking Sunday off so my melon can relax for a day.


I have always believed that since subliminals put a lot of extra information for the brain to process, you would need to drink more water to keep the same amount of hydration.


I’ve actually smoothed out some reconciliation by making sure I drink more water. I believe it does help you process stuff better. The key isn’t drinking more water, but rather being more mindful of when your body calls for it. I’ve actually been relearning to sense it. As retarded as it sounds I basically learned to ignore my body’s need for water and I only ever drank when I already felt dehydrated.