Wasted money on so called self development bullshit


I have wasted alot of money of self development products before, for Status, Confidence, entrepreneurship. H
ow ever all were spent in vein. I wish they had a lifetime refund. I would refund all if it and buy every single subclub title of my interest and store them in my vault of improvement. :frowning:


@mecharc - I know the feeling. There is another way to use those self development products though. Use Limitless or Quantum Limitless to learn and apply those self help stuff.


I think it’s the reconciliation bringing it out


A lot of self help materials released in the past 20 years would have been mightly helpful if:

  • They quit blaming the user for it not working
  • The techniques worked
  • They addressed the subconscious mind
  • Not omit key concepts
  • Deceive by omission
  • Didn’t require a spend of $150+
  • Didn’t require hundreds of hours watching somebody else talk

I could go on.


Yeah, products you see today are usually rehash of stuff founds in books and adapted by someone to their own life. Everybody has to to that work… Since starting subs I’ve become so much more aware of my internal belifs and I am progressing…!

One good book will cost 30$ max and will bring you insane amount of value (or a couple minutes of video)…!


“Self-development” is largely a scam industry. I also wasted so much money on various self-development products made those so-called “gurus”. You realise that a lot of their marketing techniques are the same - create lots of hype about their product on their website, complete with anonymous (most likely fake) testimonials and then they start to offer you their product on a discount after playing up the extra value.

“This product is worth $500 but you will get it now at a price of $75 if you purchase it in the next 2 weeks. I’m also offering to you free-of-charge my bonus CDs worth $70!. Come get it now before its too late!”

How did they come up with a value of $500 for the product in the first place??!

Often I really feel stupid and cheated by these peddlers of self-development products - the governments cannot regulate them sadly. And worse of all, they, as you rightly said, blame everything on the user if the user sees no effects.

It has been a painful and costly lesson, but I’m much wiser now and I’ve learnt not to trust those “self-help gurus” any more.


any specific examples? I feel like emotions are dynamic and predictable so lots of programs work if you understand it as a guide.


Exactly. And the information can be found from books at 1/10th of the cost


I’m pretty sure, out there on the interwebz, there is another man thinking something similar…



Loads of them online, just search for their products, most have a price point of $47.

Why $47? It’s not $50, it’s not 49. You spend $50, you save $3. Psychological trick.


I am glad I havent wasted that much money yet, so it seems.
About … well… Let’s say 150 bucks. Thats okay I think. I learned the lesson.
Some of it was actually interesting and valuable, but what really made me sad for example was when I bought a course on marketing and it was so obvious how this guy tries to pull the money out of you.
“This is really important but we wont go into too much detail here, if you are interested, buy xyz course”
About 5 times in the course. And it is so obvious this whole thing is an upscale-business.
And what is even worse is that these kind of courses target desperate people who want to quit their job and be financially free, meaning they are most likely to have financial issues…
But yeah, if you have figured it out and are ready to learn the lesson, there is always value in it


Keep in mind though guys, marketing tricks does not = scam.

Marketers employ these “tricks” to get people to buy, but they aren’t actually tricking anyone if their product actually delivers. I’ve bought plenty of products that do the whole BS discount thing, fake live webinars, etc that are actually great products.

Are some of the marketing tactics shady? Yeah. But would you care if the product exceeded your expectations? No.

So remember guys. Plenty of people out there with good products that use these so called marketing tricks. They’re running a business, not a charity.

It’s just up to us to discern which one has a good product or not which is usually difficult.


Self-help industry is huge due to the fact that humans have lost the capacity to find and develop inner strength/power.

When I look back, I realize that a philosophy book has brought me more benefits than ten self-help books.

Even subliminals here can be viewed as a form of self-help if we do not recognize that the true strength is within, not outside.

If I, for example, buy five subliminals here at once, how will I allow each one to work my subconscious properly in order to produce the desired changes? Impossible. Each sub will take time to “complete its goals” and run many together doesn’t seem to help in my pov.


Well, yes, it isnt a scam, but does it make you feel comfortable and have confidence in the guy who sold you? Probably not. Even if I am satisfied, I know it is the last time I have bought from him for example, because it just doesnt feel good. I feel like I have been scammed and that is a very bad sign.
Also, it would be just plain stupid to buy more of his products knowing he leaves out information to sell even more… so in the end you are going to spend 5000 bucks on this guy just to get complete information.
Frank Bettger wrote about this and he is absolutely right. Honesty is key if you want long-term customers.


Plus the fact that SubClub doesn’t use those dodgy tactics in the first place.
Good price, fantastic products, no stupid countdown clock crap or long-ass video to watch for the link.

And just look at all our satisfied repeat customers!


Maybe I need more self-development BS but I feel kind of violated when I spend time finding the right avatar for my profile only to have @Abu_Nasir “appropriate” it for his use. So many other options…

I still remember what happened to the seduction community after a certain journalistic expose came out in book form. Before, only David D used marketing techniques. Afterwards all the guru’s started using them. At some point there was a product that came out that upon opening the website for orders generated millions in the first hour alone. It used every technique in the book, from hyping to creating extreme scarcity. The people behind the marketing were congratulating themselves on their forums, talking about how easy it had been to manipulate people.

Since then, all the PUA teachers started cranking out product after product, from book to podcast to video course to online course. More and more and more, turning it into a numbers game.

On the plus-side, they did at some point make the switch to inner game in favor of external game.


Violated? Lol… Better read some self-help indeed. Actually, I didn’t consciously note your avatar. It was just an picture I had on my pc and wanted to use it. But, sure, now I see that you were using this avatar before I’ve joined here, so, I’ll change of course.

Thanks for “remember me”.


I know, right? I was getting completely emotional about it. A rational person would have commented how great minds think alike. Still, I use the avatar pictures whenever I glance at or speedread through posts to recognize the people and I was getting all confused reading your post. “Wait, I didn’t post that. Did I? I must be getting old…”

So for that more rational reason I would appreciate it if you did change it. It remains, however, entirely your choice. Your username pops out at me even without an avatar.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Done, Sir!


To be fair there are some decent self or skill developement products out there but people arent willing to put the effort and then they blame the product