Was Listening To Rebirth a Mistake...? [RESULTS]


Let’s just say… I’m the type of man to (try) restrain my anger because only real men have emotional control. And am the type to always forgive.

But today, after listening to REBIRTH for a while… uh…

I broke. I had a huge mental breakdown. I broke stuff. Hurt people, verbally and physically. I got on whatsapp and cursed my relatives to hell for daring to do or saying anything to me in the past. I wish I hadn’t done that but I will not tolerate any humiliation any fucking further. I. Will. Kill. You.

Huh… Before Rebirth, if I did have a mental breakdown, I would be very regretful in the aftermath. But now… no. Now I want to go even further. It’s mere justice after all, the worms need to know their place for unjustly being rude to me.

I’ve also listened to a LOT of PRIMAL XXX right before REBIRTH.

Heavy breath



@YoungStallion - anger and rage is fine. And sometimes even the verbal expression of it. But let it not escalate to physical violence except if someone is attacking you physically. Not only will it lead to a whole host of legal problems, it could also destroy your life. So please be careful. Maybe add some Sanguine to your stack and it will help you relax. Hope this helps.


Yes absolutely. I personally hate getting angry because it leads to all kinds of evil.

REBIRTH’s also framing my beliefs about spending money for the better. I’m only 21 but am frugal because my mom was frugal. But now I actually want to save up and get myself a sexy car. It feels liberating to say the least.


@YoungStallion - on the bright side, you are changing for the better. Hope you get that car :+1:


In my rage and angst, I discovered one of my greatest weaknesses. A need to be embraced and loved, by a mother that will tell me everything is going to be ok. Basically, a deep yearning for emotional support. A need… a CRAVING for a shoulder to lean on. Whether it be a friend or a girlfriend.

This… of course to me, is laughable. Because I aspire to be a war general. Such boyish emotional weakness will NOT stand.

So, can you recommend me a sub that will help me with this… ‘weakness’ for a lack of a better word.

Something that will help me stand on my own two feet and help me keep going when times get tough and I have no one to love me.


I’m sure you’ll get a bunch of recommendations in response to this reasonable request, but consider this:

Your goal is to strengthen your ability to stand on your own two feet, to be determined, perseverant, and independent. Might it not send a strong positive message of intention to your subconscious if you try first to read through the descriptions of all the programs and then make an independent choice of which one to use? If that doesn’t work, there are always people here to help.


@YoungStallion - @Malkuth is correct. Although we could recommend you a subliminal that would help you with gaining independence in every way, there are several of them here.

Alpha Male related SubClub subs will help. There is Ascended Mogul for both Alpha behavior and business. There is Emperor for both Alpha habits and empire building. Primal Seduction has sexual dominance which is certainly alpha. Then we have Khan which is more social Alpha. There are stack modules and superchargers that help with the same like Godlike Masculinity and The Commander.

Since almost every subliminal over here has affirmations for strengthening your masculine core (with difference to achieve different objectives), it would be a good idea to read through the sales pages for the subliminals and choose what is most appealing to your goals.


PS: personally I would recommend the stacking module Sanguine if you want to keep your stack small. It will help you relax and more friendly in a masculine way. It won’t overwhelm your current playlist either.


Early emotional support from others isn’t weak, it’s vital to become the strong human you want to be.

There’s a recurring theme in many journals that keeps screaming out from those who run into similar problems:
ignoring childhood wounds. We all have them, regardless of how well you were treated.

Until childhood trauma gets seriously looked at and addressed, future results will always be subject to emotional triggers like this.

Take it from someone who had to learn this the hard way and consider running Regeneration.


Thank you for the insightful words.


Do you know of any subliminal that can cure the whole “Being controlled by the perceptions of others”? I.e. You act in such a way that will please other people or make them like you. I want to cure this.
I always try hard to prevent my self from doing this but always find myself trying to think of every word that will make me the most likable.


@youngstallion no subliminal can fix perceptions other than your own.

Again that comes from chasing approval, which comes from not feeling fully accepted in earlier life. Once you deal with early wounding, then the rest is about independence.

My recommendation was two posts up.