Warblade's Subliminal Journey


Hello all,

I’ve decided to start a new Journal for Ascended Mogul and PRIMAL. I started on PRIMAL and S&S but due to a career change at my job I’ve changed my goals and decided to use Ascended Mogul in replacement of S&S. Even though I only ran PRIMAL for over a week I enjoy the feeling I get when running it, plus the fact I seem to sleep very well while it runs at night. In the week I had it running I had 4 sex dreams, though it could have also been the S&S but let’s see if it continues I’ll document my progress here. Today is Feb 10th and officially Day 1. I’ll be doing the following:

Morning/Day Stack

Beyond Limitless x2 - To get the creativity juices flowing plus I believe the Limitless module is in Ascended Mogul and in PRIMAL.

Ascended Mogul v2 x10 (Masked and Ultrasonic) - Approx 10 Hrs

Evening/Night Stack

Libertine x2

PRIMAL x10 (Ultrasonic) - Approx 8 Hrs

I remember running PRIMAL and S&S for over 20 hours and I was getting mentally exhausted so I’m hoping 18Hrs with 6Hrs rest would be sufficient. I’m also aware that running these two major programs will take time to get results rather than just running them individually but then again many of us want everything in life as fast as possible.

As I write this I’ve started running Ascended Mogul for the first few hours of the day and so far I’m feeling good and energized.


Week 1: Feb 10 - Feb 16

Just thought I’d write a quick summary regarding the Ascended Mogul + PRIMAL combination. Here are some things that have happened during the first week. I’ll separate it out based on the program that I believe the events, thoughts, and actions were due to the specific Subliminal

Ascended Mogul v2:

Number of Loops (Masked): 40
Number of Loops (Ultrasonic): 40

So I run Ascended Mogul when I wake up and during the daytime while I’m at work. Several things I’ve noticed

  • No Fap / No Porn apparently working great. I’ve read in other journals that this was implemented in the sub. Been on NoFap last year for about 5 months before re-lapsing. I wanted to see how it feels and what changes occurred during this time. Actually Day 1 of NoFap began same day as starting this subliminal.
  • Mind is clear. I’m more focused and more energized at work. Getting things done. Avoiding any distractions and interruptions from other people. Trying to isolate myself a bit more at certain times to be more productive and reach a state of flow when it comes to doing my work.
  • Feeling more motivated and focused when working out at the gym. Both when lifting weights and running.
  • Started listening again in the car to motivational speeches. Specifically I play all the songs from Fearless Motivation on Amazon Music. I used to play that a lot as well but for some reason now that I’m listening to the subs while listening to Fearless Motivation the messages tend to resonate more and it tends to stick more rather than just in one ear and out the other.


Number of Loops (Ultrasonic): 70

I run PRIMAL when I sleep and for experimental purposes ran it during my yoga classes. Here is what I’ve noticed.

  • PRIMAL helps me sleep. I don’t know everything that is in PRIMAL but whatever it is I sleep really well. When I ran PRIMAL with S&S a few weeks back I had 4 Sex Dreams which was kind of nice but since I replaced S&S with Ascended Mogul those dreams stopped. In fact I can’t even remember my dreams anymore. When I wake up I feel calm and relaxed.
  • Since PRIMAL helps me become more relaxed I had it running during yoga class and I felt really good and in a state of flow. In yoga my teacher would state that no matter how difficult the pose is the most important part is to maintain your breath. It’s only been 2x but I’m going to keep doing it to see if this continues to happen. Hell I’ll even chat up some of the females while I’m there and test the subs effects.
  • Female with a pretty nice figure gets to the treadmill right next to mine when there was a whole row of empty treadmills that she could have chosen. Don’t know if PRIMAL gives a specific aura that can attract females but I found it interesting. Or maybe it was the NoFap for a week. Still a bit skeptical about NoFap effects and all the things I’ve read about it. Did it for 5 months last year and did not feel so different. So I’ll just leave it at that. She was bouncing nicely while she was running though :grin:.

That was all for the first week that stood out with these two programs so I’m happy with what has been going on so far and hoping for more great things to happen.

So I changed my journal title to Subliminal Journey since new products (Spartan Apex, Sanguine, Legacy) have been coming out from SC and Spartan is one that I definitely have to do since physical fitness and health are two important things in my life and its been a part of me since I was a kid. So I’m going to continue running Ascended Mogul with PRIMAL and stack Sanguine 2x a day.

I’ll see what I’m going to do once Spartan comes but for right now I’m enjoying my current journey.

Stop Porn and Masturbation
Those who ran ascended mogul did it help with nofap?

Update to the Morning/Day Stack. Evening/Sleep Stack will remain the same with PRIMAL x10 (Ultrasonic)

Starting today Feb 17th 2019.

Morning Ritual Indoors & Gym Time - Approx 4 Hours
Ascended Mogul v2 x5 (Masked)
Sanguine x1 (Masked)

Throughout the Day at Work & Outside my Home - Approx 7 Hours
Ascended Mogul v2 x5 (Ultrasonic)
Sanguine x1 (Ultrasonic)


Week 2: Feb 17 - Feb 23

I’ve been very busy at work this whole week and it’s been stressing me out but did my best to remain calm and in control. I’ve been very productive and focused to get things done nonetheless. I’ll be on business travel this coming week so we’ll see what happens.

As far as things that I’ve noticed was greater productivity and sleeping 8 hours consistently. The sleeping part is really beneficial since I always had trouble sleeping because my mind is always racing at night and it’s difficult to sleep.

Eventually once Spartan comes out I’m going to have to say goodbye to PRIMAL because I want to focus on my physical health and my career more than anything. I hope that I can still sleep as good as I am doing now once I stop playing PRIMAL at night. I don’t want to run more than 2 Major subs at one time.

I am also debating if I want to jump straight into Emperor from Ascended Mogul and run Emperor alongside with Spartan. That to me sounds pretty cool. I’ll see whether or not I’ll jump straight to Emperor or slowly transition in the coming weeks and since I’m new to SC subs I’d like to get a strong foundation with Ascended Mogul first.

Ascended Mogul v2 (Masked) Total Loops: 75
Ascended Mogul v2 (Ultrasonic) Total Loops: 75
PRIMAL (Ultrasonic) Total Loops: 130

Here’s to another week.


Week 3: Feb 24 - Mar 2

Last week I was thinking so much about running Emperor and I had a strong feeling inside of me telling me to run it so I made the leap to run Emperor this whole week. I can’t find a logical reason why but I’ve learned over the years to always trust my gut feeling / intuition rather than overthinking it. So I have been running Emperor ever since. Even though I wanted to build a strong foundation from Ascended Mogul and become accustomed to SC subliminals being on Emperor this whole week I have noticed the following:

-Everything I have been doing feels effortless when it comes to work. I was on travel this week doing several tasks and I just accomplished my tasks like it was nothing.
-I have become angry and impatient because I want things done now. I feel as if though time has been moving slow. I’m waiting in line or in traffic and I see people moving slow and taking their sweet time and I’m here thinking why people are moving so slow. I have so much stuff to do and I want them out of my way.
-People are apologizing to me. When I was waiting in line to get food or when I was waiting for someone to show up and meet me, every time I look at them straight in their eyes and they begin to apologize for the inconvenience. I have no idea why and that hasn’t happened to me before. I’m going to start taking note of this and see how I can use this to my advantage for other things.
-I don’t sleep as well as I did when I was on PRIMAL. With PRIMAL I was getting 8 good hrs of sleep. On Emperor I’m getting 6-7hrs. I still don’t remember my dreams though. I want to find a way to sleep better.
-NoFap/NoPorn still in effect. Waste of time now. I really hopes this lasts. However I’m getting aroused very easily in the mornings and looking at attractive women in the gym and at work I feel a strong sexual energy and I’ve taken advantage of it by applying Sexual Transmutation to fuel my workouts and become more productive and creative at work. I’ve started re-reading portions of Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”, more specifically the Sexual Transmutation portion.
-An IOI from a woman. No big deal since it was just instant and I did not want to be bothered. But I’d be nice to encounter more of those.

I have read that Emperor is a difficult to run as a subliminal. Even though it’s only been a week I feel really good about it and I don’t have the feeling of being overwhelmed. It feels good and I don’t have any headaches or any sense of discomfort. Then again it’s only been a week. I’m hoping to keep that momentum going. There was another topic in this board regarding MBTI and how subliminals affect them. I don’t know but for me as an INTJ the messaging in the subliminals, reading the sales page over and over every day, fits perfectly with me. After all these type of goals align with me so perhaps it is easier for my mind to process. I mean who doesn’t want to build an empire. All the INTJ memes and characters in TV’s and Movies that people call them the Masterminds, Architects, evil villains can be fun to read about and understanding them it seems as if they as well were an Emperor in their own right. Just my own opinion.

I hope that running Emperor exclusively this week this will prepare me for Spartan and The Legacy Supercharger. I can’t wait to combine these two. Even though I haven’t been on any SC subliminal more than three weeks because I have kept changing them and have felt the effects, Spartan and Emperor will have to be the end goal and I have to run these until I get the results that I want. As time goes by I will see if I will add stacks but Emperor and Spartan will be the foundation.

So in all here are my stats for this week on Emperor. I’m hoping to work on getting more loops in on Masked but since most of the time I was on the go so I’ve been running more Ultrasonic and using the Set and Forget method. I’m hoping when the New Dawn technology is implemented in Emperor the Ultrasonic track is less than 1hr 16 minutes.

Emperor v2 (Masked) Total Loops: 40
Emperor v2 (Ultrasonic) Total Loops: 90

I’ll continue Emperor until Spartan comes out and will keep posting.

Let’s do this.


Great post! I am planning to do the same. Let’s rock this


I’m excited that Spartan came out. I will be running the Regular version Masked and Ultrasonic. Starting today my Emperor + Spartan Stack will be the following:

Morning Stack: (Indoors + Gym) - 4.5 Hrs

Spartan: Apex Warrior (Masked) x 6

Day Stack: (Outside) - 7 Hrs 40 min

Emperor v2 (Ultrasonic) x6

Evening / Sleep Stack: - 8 Hrs

Emperor v2 (Ultrasonic) x4
Spartan: Apex Warrior (Ultrasonic) x 4

So 10 Loops for Emperor and 10 Loops for Spartan. Started to listen to Spartan as I write this. Looking forward to great results.

Off to the Gym.


Week 4: March 3rd - March 9th 2019


Spartan - Apex Warrior (Masked) Total Loops: 30
Spartan - Apex Warrior (Ultrasonic) Total Loops: 35

  • I’m pushing harder when I’m working out, whether I’m lifting weights, doing cardio, or yoga. It’s to the point where I have to say enough is enough.
  • My body is tired and very sore. It’s expected since I’ve been working out more often. Normally I would take 3 days of rest and 4 days of working out. Since starting Spartan I’ve been working out every day doing something. If a certain body part is not sore, then I work out that specific body part expecting to be sore and tired the next day. If my whole body is sore then I do yoga, deep stretching, and use a rumble roller. But I have to do something rather than just take the day off.
  • When working out, I don’t feel nervous or scared of getting hurt. It’s happened in the past in which I was working out or doing something and all of a sudden I got hurt because I pushed myself too hard and being on the sidelines is not a good place for me. These last few days even though I’ve added more weight, ran faster, the thought of getting hurt did not cross my mind. All that was going through my head was push harder.
  • I’m starting to dream again. I’m not sure it’s Spartan specifically but when I first started Sub Club and using S&S and PRIMAL I had several sex dreams. When I went off S&S I haven’t dreamt since or had any recollection of any dreams after that. Once I added Spartan into my Night/Sleep Stack then I’m starting to dream again. Mostly things from my past and good memories that I had.
  • I’m really hungry for most of the day. For the past 2 years I’ve been doing intermittent fasting using 8 hours of eating time and 16 hours of fasting. Obviously there have been times when I’ve skipped those fasting times and ate so my success with IF has been 85% of the time. These last few days I’ve probably only fasted 12 hours and ate the other 12 hours. I’m hoping all this extra meals I’ve been eating helps me attain more muscle mass and increase my weight. I’m 5’10 and 165lbs, 15% body fat. Never had I gone beyond 170 in my life but my goal is to hit 185 lbs with 10-12% body fat. Hoping Spartan will help me get there.
  • It’s difficult to sleep. In my night stack I have the first 4 hrs running Emperor (Ultrasonic x4) and then the next 4 hrs running Spartan (Ultrasonic x4). It’s weird but I end up waking up when Spartan is at it’s second of four plays and I can’t sleep afterwards and I just lie awake in my bed until it’s time to get up. So I tend to get around 6.5 hrs of actual sleep. I need to figure something out to help me get those 8 hrs of quality sleep, especially since my body needs to recover.
  • In yoga class I can hold certain postures longer withough losing balance and focus. This is a big plus for me.


Emperor v2 (Masked) Total Loops: 75
Emperor v2 (Ultrasonic) Total Loops: 150

  • There are ups and downs but with Emperor right now I’ve started to get rid of things that I don’t find useful. I started with cleaning up my home and throwing away things that don’t serve me. I’ve stopped talking to certain people at work that don’t bring me any value or have any use for. They’re just wasting my time. I think I’m just using this as a way to clear my head. I have thoughts of just getting rid of every thing and start with a clean slate so that I can focus on creating something new.
  • I finally saved up enough money for 6-8 months of living expenses. Something that I was never able to do so that is something I’m proud of. Now all I want to focus is paying my car debt since that is the only thing I have. I’ve spent the last few days to see how I can make extra money, what can I sell, should I work overtime, so that I can pay off this final debt without using my 6-8 months of living expenses.
  • My productivity is still going great. I’ve been doing too much at work and outside of work because I want to make the most of each day. I’m hoping I don’t get to the point where I burn out. With the energy that I’m getting I want to put it to good use.
  • Feel more alpha. What I mean by that is the Alpha leadership quality. People are coming to me for help and revert to me to make decisions. Even though I’m not a manager or a boss people treat me as if I was one.

I’m happy to see that The Legacy came out and Centurion which is the added bonus. So it looks like I’m going to run Centurion during gym time and yoga class time to see how my performance during that time is. I listened to The Legacy 1x this morning before my workout. It certainly is different. I’ll see what the effects are after I listen to it on a consistent basis.

So this week I’ll be modifying my stack again and see how it goes:

Morning Stack - 4 Hours (Morning Ritual & Gym Time):

The Legacy 1x
Spartan - Apex Warrior (Masked) x4
Centurion (Masked) x2

Day Stack - Approx 8 Hours (Outside & Working Hours):

Emperor v2 (Ultrasonic) x 6

Evening/Night Stack - 8 Hours:

I am Hoping alternating this playlist gets me a full night’s sleep

Emperor v2 (Ultrasonic)
Spartan - Apex Warrior (Ultrasonic)
Emperor v2 (Ultrasonic)
Spartan - Apex Warrior (Ultrasonic)
Emperor v2 (Ultrasonic)
Spartan - Apex Warrior (Ultrasonic)
Emperor v2 (Ultrasonic)
Spartan - Apex Warrior (Ultrasonic)

I’m going to see if I can write in this journal more often rather than once a week so that I can remember more things (good or bad) and take better notes on what is happening to see if I can make any necessary changes right away.


Awesome update and just in time. @SaintSovereign and I are working on some big things and this is very useful. :slight_smile:

You’ll be happy to know that there are recovery modules in Spartan, to make recovery much more efficient.

Do keep us updated on any sleeping pattern shifts on Spartan (and general effects too).


Thanks @Fire. I certainly will. I am going to alternate my playlist tonight to see if I can get better sleep. I assumed that Spartan had to have some sort of recovery modules since recovery is when the muscles grow and that is why I added Spartan in my night stack to help with that. Spartan is doing it’s thing when it pushes you to perform at a physical level so I am happy with that part of it. Sometimes it works too good because I’m working out more and more rather than taking “rest days”.


Week 5 - Subliminal Usage with Subliminal Club: March 10th - March 16th 2019

Spartan: Apex Warrior: Week 2

Spartan: Apex Warrior (Masked) Total Loops: 60
Spartan: Apex Warrior (Ultrasonic) Total Loops: 65

This is my second week running Spartan Apex Warrior and I must say I am impressed at how much I’m working out. I went from 4 days on 3 days off to everyday, sometimes even twice a day. I enjoy the feeling of a hard workout. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way. Even though my body is sore the next day I still look forward to working out. As the days pass I become less sore the next day each time as my body is accustomed to it. Both my mind and body feel in sync when I’m working out which helps me go past my limits. Now I don’t feel like my mind is telling me to stop because it is uncomfortable or to be careful because you’ll get hurt again. Now it tells me to keep going.

Now when I’m sleeping alternating Emperor v2 (Ultrasonic) with Spartan: Apex Warrior (Ultrasonic) for 8 hours definetely improved my sleeping rather than waking up in the middle of the night tired and not fully recovered. Now that I’m sleeping much better my mind and body feel well rested and I can start to dominate my day.

Centurion: Week 1

Centurion (Masked) Total Loops: 16
Centurion (Ultrasonic) Total Loops: 5

So this is my first week of running Centurion along with Spartan. I play this when I’m at the gym working out (Masked) and when I’m in my yoga class (Ultrasonic). My understanding is that this sub is used for gym and physical performance. So I’m guessing that this is some sort of catalyst / motivational sub while doing any physical activity. Since I run 2 loops of this all I can say is that whatever is going on it certainly helps me train harder, lift heavier, run faster when I’m in the gym. When I’m in yoga class I feel more focused when doing postures and that helps when I’m doing any balancing poses. Since I don’t know much more about Centurion’s goals other than what was mentioned above all I can say is those are the effects I tend to notice. I’m hoping the more I use it, I can discover more positive outcomes.

The Legacy: Week 1

The Legacy Total Loops: 8

This is also the first week starting The Legacy. I play this when I wake up in the morning in order to wake me up for the day. It certainly is different than the other superchargers but it gets the job done. The music along with the drum beats wake me up for starters. It gives me the feeling that I’m preparing for war. I also enjoy the questions given during the practice which gives my mind something to focus and think about. I also play this before an afternoon workout just to get my mind and body ready when I hit the gym or go to yoga class. I’m hoping the more I use it, the better my physical performance results are.

Emperor: Week 3

Emperor v2 (Masked) Total Loops: 80
Emperor v2 (Ultrasonic) Total Loops: 215

So far this week I’ve been playing Emperor and my mind starts to get tired during the afternoon that I need to take a break from listening to it. I’ve even had to take a nap during the afternoon to recharge. But nonetheless I play my daily loops and I feel better again. I realize that the total sublimilal usage of Emperor and Spartan is 20 hours. I remember stating that I would need to lower the usage and not overwhelm my mind. It’s only happened for 3 days but if this keeps happening I’ll have to reduce the number of loops. Plus I know that the subconsious needs time to process these subliminals. Running Emperor so far has given me the following outcomes so far.

  • Massive productivity boost. Get things done attitude
  • People defer to me to make important decisions
  • Coworkers ask me to check their work as if they need my approval to move forward
  • Stay away from negative people. Don’t even speak to them anymore
  • Removed a lot of unwanted things around my house
  • Positive mindset. More confidence in my skills
  • Speak my mind without fear of any consequence

I’m grateful for the great things that are happening in my life in just a short time. I hope this positive momentum keeps going. There are always ups and downs in life so I’m hoping I can stay in this upward momentum. When the hard times come (and they will) I’ll be better prepared to deal with them.


Wow. It’s been nearly three months since this last post. Well I’ve been very busy in life but have seen the email updates from time to time on what is going on. So the last several weeks I’ve been consistent in using Emperor and Spartan and things I have noticed significantly are:

Emperor v2 and v3

  • More productive at work. I’m working two job roles at my work so more responsibility, which is why I’ve been very busy getting things done. I’ve gotten more respect and recognition in what I have been doing. Don’t really care much about the recognition. I’m not doing it for the spotlight but the satisfaction in the accomplishments are fulfilling. It’s funny that when you do the right things in life opportunities come your way rather than chasing and looking for them. My women life and with money life when I stop chasing/pursuing and focus on me and doing things that are inspiring and that I want to do, women and money come my way. I become a magnet essentially.
  • I’ve been distant and cold towards many people that bring no value to my life. I’ve had to ignore or spend less time with these people. They just waste my time and energy. So in a sense I’m purging the people and the things that I don’t want in my life. I have been spending more time alone in quiet in which I focus more and concentrate for longer periods of time coming up with ideas or doing projects. Social life has taken a hit but it is a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the time being.
  • Very cocky and confident almost to the point of arrogance where I have shown people at work with my results that I am the best at what I do. I may or may not want to tone it down a bit but I’ll be more aware when I run into these situations
  • The Mogul portion of Emperor has made me more money and I redirected that money to buy out my car and pay my loans and credit cards. I only have a mortgage now and hoping to pay out my home within 1 - 2 years at this rate if all goes well. I’ve been thinking now on what side business or what type of passive income streams I can generate. This will be the biggest challenge for me since I eventually want to be my own boss and have financial freedom. But I will figure something out.
  • So I have mentioned earlier that I don’t do any chasing when it comes to women. Women I work with at work give me signals and several like to touch me and make advances while I’m working. Too bad all of them are married but the eye contact, the touching, hugs (some women press their chest on mine while hugging), and the flirting makes it fun.
  • Problem is the NoFap/NoPorn. Sometimes when I’m just exhausted and the sexual energy is too much I’ve relapsed several times and it pisses me off. Even though I feel great right after just for a bit, I feel like shit afterwards and I have to get my energy, focus, and motivation back. I need to work on this.

Spartan: Apex Warrior

  • I’ve gained more lean muscle. I gained about 5 pounds. Gaining weight is the tough portion since I’ve been skinny all my life even though I tend to eat a lot. Plus I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for years now.
  • Some days are better than others. I’ve been too sore at times to even work out and when I did that I hurt my back and was out for like a week. Even though IO lost a week, I did not feel sorry for myself and just made adjustments and did more yoga and stretching during my workout hours rather than “skip” a day.
  • The recovery in Spartan is amazing. I sometimes wonder why on some days I don’t feel sore even though I worked hard the day prior. I was thinking that maybe I didn’t workout hard enough or hit a plateau that I need to change something up.
  • Since I do a lot of yoga portion I’m more focused in class and can balance for longer periods of time and I am more flexible. I’ve hit the Flow State so many times that 1hr just isn’t enough.
  • As far as running, I am running 5K, 10K, or run intervals on the weekends when I run and I don’t feel tired. I only stop because 1hr is enough and I have work that I need to do. I remember I was told that I would never run again due to back pain, nerve damage, and back surgery but now I’m running, jumping and working out like I never had that type of pain any more.

One of the changes I made during this time is to listen to Emperor and Spartan exclusively on Ultrasonic. In my previous posts I’ve listend to the masked version in the mornings and ultrasonic during the day and at night. Once I changed to ultrasonic and simply “set and forget” momentum really started to pick up. If I were to calculate the hours per day on average I would get 16hrs total. It looks like I respond better to Ultrasonic. So those are the major changes that I can think of at the moment but my life has changed over the last several months and I feel that things will only get better. I still run The Legacy in the morning and DREAMS at night. Still waiting on the DREAMS journal. But I’m now remembering my dreams bit by bit where the last several weeks I wondered whether I was dreaming or not.

I have decided to run KHAN. I have decided to stop Emperor and Spartan. A part of me wants to be more social but still maintain the positive qualities in Emperor. Sure I can run Daredevil with Emperor but KHAN just seemed like a cool multistage sub and plus it has the latest tech that I want to test out. I’ll be running all four stages of KHAN each for 1 month. Since it came out June 1st I started Stage 1 right away and dropped Emperor v3 and Spartan.

So I will be doing the following for Stage 1 (June 1st - June 30th):

Morning and Evening: The Elixir
Khan Stage 1: Total Breakdown (Ultrasonic) - Set and Forget

I figured since Stage 1 Total Breakdown is going to happen I’ll run the Elixir 1x in the morning and 1x before going to bed. Not going to stack anything else even though at times it gets very tempting to switch things up a bit but I promised myself not to do that and just focus on one thing and give it 100%. So for the next four months I’ll see what happens and what new things await. Most important is to take action and be ready at all times. I look forward to the future.

I like the KHAN logo. Looks similar to my icon. It’s a sign :grinning:


How are you doing :slight_smile: