Wanting to switch subs - A tip


For the past couple days I have been having a very strong urge to switch subs. Today it was really bad.

What I did, is I used the search function and re-read journals and threads on my sub (that I have been tempted to switch from). This really seemed to reinvigorate my enthusiasm for my current sub and extinguished that desire to try some newer shinier sub, and I’m looking forward to more months on my current one.


Maybe this is just another form of reconciliation? From my experience, I have also felt that way sometimes. Try checking your goals and see if they fit the other subs or if your current stack is more in line.


From my own experience switching subs is more complex. There is reconciliation on one side and goals who are changing through the process. This is accelerated by subclub throwing new products in a short period of time on the market. There are many variants of subs and the possibility to stack which makes the whole process much more complicated for the user. Now with Q there will be endless possibilities to mold your own sub. Like a child entering the candy store you dont know which combi is the best. So you have to try it out. On the other side the flexibility is a great advantage and the ongoing enhancements are the way to go. This makes subclub subs unique but not easier to use.

If you run a sub for weeks and didnt notice any positive change in your own thinking patterns or behaviour you should think about changing the sub. You are the only one who can decide if sub xyz is good for you. Ups and downs are pretty normal but ongoing bad results should be not ignored.

We all dont know what is in the subs. We all dont know how the subs are coded (worded). Beside all technical stuff in there at the end there is a voice telling you something in english language. And this is delivered under your awareness barrier.

This is not a joke. This could be very dangerous if the infos given are not clean. So we all trust subclub that they are cautious with wording but nonetheless there could be something in there which isnt appropriate for that person. This could lead to bad results or the urge to switch or a total antipathy to run the sub after some time of exposure. I wouldnt underestimate such signs if a reduced exposure or a lower volume or a short break didnt help.

With the head through the wall isnt the way to go imho.
But balancing the subs and tweaking the stack is a fine thing if your main goal isnt altered.

Changing subs is maybe also a sign of personal development.


Your post, specifically the quoted, is something I hadn’t considered. That a sub has caused us to change/develop to where now another is what is needed at this point in the journey…