Wanted Custom Prototype Thoughts

So currently I am running my Emperor Custom and Stark, results have been great so far and after my next washout I intend to bring WANTED back into my stack as my once a week sub. Then it hit me today out of nowhere to one day in the future make a custom with WANTED and a fitness sub and maybe SMX and make a super attractive, fit, sexual custom. Like I said this all hit me a few hours ago in class to this is either too much or not a great or is a great idea but I immediately had the urge to share haha

2.EmpF st4 or Spartan
5. Gorgeous Manifestor
6. Physicality shifter sexiness or apollon
7. Instant Spark
9.Prevent P.E.
10. Sexual Manifestation
11 Male enhancement
12 Serum X
13 SPS Muscular
14 Endocrine
15 Fat burn
16 Skeletal System
17 Aura of Craving
18 Invincible Presence
19 Dues
20 Sex Mastery

As I said im not looking to make a custom anytime soon and Wanted alone would handle most of this but like I said as soon as I thought of this the urge to post this wouldnt go away haha

But what do y’all think? Looking forward to what everyone has to say!


Hmm maybe chosen instead of Wanted :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle: would obviously be less sexual scripting and replaced with subs like steadfast

I have 2 st 4 Customs
1 with Dragon Reborn
1with Emperor Fitness

Both of them are really dense.
The only thing I see a little bit troublesome is that Wanted is Dense to and you have a 3rd core with Sex Mastery.

Are you planning on doing 3 cores?

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going for something similar hopefully soon . hopeing you as little recon as possible wioth all the physical chages

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can i make a suggestion , because it is in part with physical chages and also coincides with wanted core , its adding (seducer gaze) module i think it could be a great one for you to try especially.

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Not at the moment this is mainly just a rough draft tbh this is something I am making in the future and I am thinking of replacing Wanted with chosen lol but yeah I felt that was pushing it too

I feel like that would be a good idea cause the ladies do love hypnotic eyes haha