Want to reccomend my mother a product


I want to reccomend my mother a wealth building product.

I don’t want to reccomend stark or seductress.

Would EOG or Mogul be suitable for females?


Yes, @mecharc. Both Ecstacy of Gold and Mogul are suitable for women too. If am not mistaken, there is at least one woman in the forum using Mogul. And since EoG is purely wealth based, am sure the suitability will apply.


Thank you!!

Daily one loop of Q is enough even for multistagers right? @raphael


Yes, my friend. That’s a good start.


Thank you so much!

I hope you are staying safe an doing well.

I miss hopping subs, posting regularly and getting tough love here.

Take Care!


@mecharc - my current stack is very good (StarkQ+EF ST1+Aegis). Also have new journal up that is 12 days old. But wondering if it will fall apart when the Q Store comes out.

Was wondering how you were doing after that plane flight you talked about. Are you awaiting the Q Store too? Supposed to have around 200 modules in it.


Brother, I’ll send you a personal message, don’t wanna talk about my situation publicly


@mecharc - of course! I understand.