Want a solid advice


I’m new here, and I have very specific reason for being here. I’m done expecting things from others, done with my desires. They end up giving away the power from me. I want the end of the “give and take” game. Any help would be appreciated.


The Alchemist :slight_smile:


That’s the product I was thinking about. Any advice on how to take action with this subliminal?
Is meditation enough?


Why do you advise Alchemist and not, say Emperor?
Just curious.


When you reach ST2, The Alchemist will guide you to any new practices you may need.

But Meditation is enough.

He wants to get rid of desires, and the “give and take” game. So he wants to transcend the earthly Games, while Emperor makes you go deeper into those games to create your own.

The Alchemist would also be a great foundation for @Bucky. Later on, after The Alchemist ST4, he will be in a better place, and could decide then to stay wiht The Alchemist, or return to the games with an enlightened perspective, and do Emperor, Khan or whatever.


Great help. Thanks man.


Im over 3 weeks into ST1 of Alchemist and I can say its aligned with what you seek.
Meditation is enough but you will feel the need to add whatever might be helpful for your purposes and to get rid of what no longer serves you.


Can you tell if it helps one to remain calm, detached and happy in all situations?


Calm and happy in all situations? I dont know about that.
What I can tell you is that it helps you express whatever emotion you are experiencing in a given situation in a healthy way. A sort of inner calmness and clear mind even if you are angry.


Yup, Joa’s journal reads like an emotional roller-coaster sometimes. And afterwards, he suddenly “gets it.” He’s going through cycles of that it seems. Emotion followed by epiphany. :slight_smile:

Alchemist forms a very good foundation for all the other subs as well. So if you are just starting out, and you are willing to invest some time in building that foundation while working on yourself, definitely go for it.

Then, once you’re through it and everything is stable and smooth, calm, detached and happy, pick a “practical” sub and add it in. Although you could always experiment with superchargers during your alchemical journey.


Thats an eye opening perspective of my process. Its cool to be able to see it from the outside.
It makes sense to me.
Thanks @DarkPhilosopher