Wanna overcome test anxiety


I’ve been noticing myself getting panicked and anxious during some of the mock tests I have been giving. Giving more of these tests will definitely reduce the problem but I don’t have time to do that.

What do yall think will be useful here?should I add limit destroyer? If yes then how many loops?
I play Khan st3 and limitless all day and keep subs off at night for my brain to process the info.


you could try PSTEC.

They have a free version with 2 clicking tracks.

You play the first while concentrating on that anxious feeling. And as the track goes on your anxiety will go away.


I would expect legacy and/or spartan to help with any kind of anxiety overall. How deep they do it or how fast i dont really know


I would say limitless, limit destroyer, AM, khan. Any of those should help with that.


I’m still confused about the part where you say you are giving mock tests. If you mean you are getting nervous when taking test exams, then I’d say part of you feels you’ve not really mastered the subject yet. Use Limitless and study more. If you know you have the answers, meditation probably works best. Any way to center yourself. I always find that once I have the actual test in front of me, all the anxiety goes away. Whatever happens will happen, I’ve done all I could to prepare.

The key here is to consider how much time you have. Go for Limitless, studying and meditation. That’s what I would do.


Ok thanks dad


That wasn’t an attempt to be patronizing. I’m in IT, meaning I’m doing certification exams 6 months out of the year almost every year. So I gave you the answers that would work in my case.


Yeah I get it @DarkPhilosopher. honestly, I found this reply funny when it came to my head(that’s why I posted it). It had no purpose other than being a joke.


The Sanguine stack module is all about staying cool, calm and collected. Maybe adding it into your stack could help